You’ve Got What It Takes

Do you like exercising and sweating out toxics? Before you raise your hand, let me tell you what a friend told me once when I told her I don’t sweat when I exercise. She said, come work out with me and you will. Thanks, Amanda.

Now I know there is exercise where you perspire and then there is the sweaty kind. Yes, there is a difference.

After so many years of hearing Carl say, “Why don’t you exercise? It’s a great stress reliever.” I will say that I kicked it into gear. I am choosing to exercise for the purpose of honoring the value of health.

I’m sure getting close to 60 years of age has something to do with my perspective shift. When you get to be this age, you start thinking about giving an account to God for your life.

I think I’m realizing that this is the only body God gifted to me, and I better start taking better care of it if I want it to last…and it helps when I consider myself being accountable to God when He asks how did you steward the temple of my Holy Spirit.

Did you just hear what I said? Being face to face with God is not far-fetched. We will meet with Him face to face and we will be the topic.

I’m not frowning over the thought of standing before Him, I anticipate it.

Today, when I think of that conversation, I smile. You see, I want that conversation to be one of honoring Him.

I want to be the best I can be for Him, even down to making this flesh obey when things are hard.

Think about it, we only get one body and we should cherish the gift He gave.

In life, we must remember that Christ wants us alive in all aspects of life, including our thoughts and our emotions.

God didn’t call us to go through the motions and be miserable while we are Christians.

Are you simply living like a Christian or are you truly alive in Christ? There is a difference.

We have to stop and think what we are allowing in our minds, our bodies, and our thoughts. The enemy will coax us to coast and numb out on things that are bad for our health and our spiritual health if we let him.

If we are to win, we have to remember to stop giving up on ourselves. True followers of Christ consistently get back to the altar. Offering up our will, our wants, our comforts, and our sin.

How many remember what Romans 12:1 says? “In view of God’s mercy, offering up our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–for this is true and proper worship.”

Truly being alive in Christ will affect our internal and external obedience and submission to His Spirit and His Word. We must know His Word to obey it, and in knowing the Word, we will become sober and aware that obedience will carry great cost.

You were made for greatness beautiful one – don’t ever forget. God designed you to fight for you! Start Fighting with His strength.

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