Mister, Your Behavior Matters More Than You Think by Gloria Toti

Sir, are you guarding your manhood – or is it escaping little by little each day?


It’s not God’s recommendation that we live according to our fleshly desires and our society not become the devil’s playground.  God is a God of order and structure.

He knows the paths we create for ourselves will do one of two things:

We will get tired of pigpen living, and we will make our way back to Him, or we will run further toward destruction looking for happiness after we have sinned.

As the prodigal son drifted from His loving Father, we too as a nation have drifted into destructive patterns of wild living.

We are in the pigpen, and God is awaiting our response.

The King is coming soon, and today He is loudly reminding us that this is not a time to be running from Him, nor should we be running errands, tending to yard duties, or attending ballgames on Sundays.

He might even ask us: How come you are allowing your everyday living to interfere with your Sunday worship of your God— in one of the greatest hours for Christians?

And, what if He asks us this—What happened to Saturdays?

We just celebrated Father’s Day and the entire day I thought of our heavenly father.  He had a plan for his family and the plan has been riddled with pain since the beginning.

The fatherless wounds, bruises, and the scars have left a gaping hole in our nation, and now the pain, anger, and confusion are spilling into the streets.

We can’t just let this man do what it wants to do because it doesn’t want to do the right things.

The role models weren’t home setting the boundary lines.  They were too busy living it up.

The careless fathering of children is running rampant in our world, and I want to scream out with these words:

Men what are you doing?  This is not God’s plan.

There is so much perversion that is trying to attach itself to all of us daily – it does not discriminate.  Male or female, young or old…the devil doesn’t care who he catches in his trap of temptation.

But, I do think it’s time to speak to men.


There is no greater time to go astray and follow immorality.


The devil has made it easy for you and you must engage the enemy’s tactics on your knees.

Maybe, right now in our nation, our number one priority is not our children – today maybe the key is to keep this person first.  To keep this man.

Don’t let your true man escape because if you lose him, you will lose yourself…and if you lose you, you risk losing your family.

The world is a battlefield, my friends.  We don’t have the smarts to outwit the enemy with our own feeble human strength.  The power to win comes only from God.

The busyness of our dad’s today may also be out of control.

Are all the things you do Dad’s part of God’s plan.

Are your offspring your priority?

Who are your role models?

Role models today in our nation are leading our men and our children in the wrong direction.

I’m not sure who the role models were in the days of the prodigal son, but he was put under a spell by the world’s promises that eventually led to wild living and ultimately humiliation and starvation.

The devil tempts all of us to leave God’s ways on a daily basis – that’s what he does.  He will show all of us things that glitter and lure us with curiosity or discontentment.

He will tell us things like we are missing out.

No stone throwing coming from me toward this young man.  I know what it is like to be lured by the devil’s schemes, but I also know what it was like to return and have my heavenly Father run after me to welcome me back home.

Dad’s I hope you are praying for your life to hit the mark.  For others I hope you are praying over your families – it doesn’t take long to pray a spiritual roof that protects from the work of evil spirits.

If we are going to see things change in our nation,

we need dads to begin KEEPING THIS MAN.

Men have to get back to prioritizing God.

Men can no longer be drawn away by their own lusts.

You can’t get too busy MISTER, you can’t go missing in action with all the noise and temptation around you.

God will ask you one day – Did you keep this man?

Did you guard Him?

The responsibility of a Dad cannot be overstated…it is the highest calling you will ever have in your life and it all begins in the home.

We are living in a wicked and perverse generation, and only prayer alone has the power to preserve.

All children need affirmation and spiritual direction and the baton of spiritual influence was handed to you for a purpose beyond yourself.  You have what it takes – no matter where you have been – get back home to safely.

See you on Sunday…



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