The Power To Dream by Gloria Toti

Do you believe your life is important to God?
Stop and think about the things you see working for good in our world happens because God is allowed to work through the life of a man or a woman – just like you and me.

The God who created the solar system chose to deposit within us the power to dream.

He alone owns the view TRUE REALITY with no pretense, and He longs to put us into the family business showing forth eternal love.
Mug shots don’t intimidate God.

God is not intimidated by our brokenness or our 12-foot shadow of pride that lies to us and tells us nothing is wrong with us.

He placed dreams in our hearts.  Our hearts are the conduit for His power to flow through but most days the flow is backing up because we think it’s up to us to afford the can of spiritual Drano.

The only way to deal with a clogged pipe is to get your hands dirty.
No one has time to become a dream chaser if one is always distracted by all of those clogged heart issues.

Proverbs 29:18 reminds us that without a vision, the people perish.
In other words,
Without a dream people risk dying spiritually and emotionally, and maybe even physically.
PERISH is a strong word.
It’s easy to perish over time.  Do you want to be known as a dreamer or a coaster/perisher?

God knows that dreams inspire us to live out our purpose…and without one we won’t live purposefully.
So, how do we recognize the dreams we are called to pursue?
First, we ask the Holy Spirit to help us live in the realm of possibility.
We ask Him to show us where our lives are being wasted on vain desire or things.  We ask Him to reveal the things we are chasing or the why?

Then lean into the holistic cry of your heart when someone talks about dreaming with God.
When dreams are spoken of, we entertain the glory of the moment.
Then, too often we turn off the flow and settle for the clogged pipe syndrome with a lot of complaining.  Why?

Maybe, you don’t realize you are a conduit to bring heaven down to earth and you think dreams are overrated or may potentially lead to more disappointment.
Friend, that’s not a healthy way to position yourself.  Life is hard, I get it.  But without the wonder of a dream, life will get harder.

We all need hope to survive.  It’s the oxygen of the soul.  Stop settling.  Let’s continue our conversation next week about how God invited us into a mission of rescuing the world.

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