Let’s Stress Less & Accomplish More by Gloria Toti

It’s amazing how the losses and the wins of the day keep score in our brains – even if there is no scoreboard.  I’m tired of tolerating the losses that I am capable of changing – so today, I’m doing something about it.

Today, I am choosing to WIN THE DAY!  It’s actually a book that I’m reading by Mark Batterson, and we are about to embark upon it in our life group, and it’s powerful —and it’s challenged me to do something different.

So, I don’t know if you know it, but I’ve been using a teleprompter because it’s my security blanket, but I want to speak to you from my heart.  So today, as you can see we have a new set up.  So at the end of the video I want to know, and I want to hear from you, if you like the new set up… and maybe you want to cheer me on – that I’m choosing to do something different.

So how do we Win The Day?

The sum-total of the pages that I know as I get through the book are:

Stress Less and Accomplish More.

Well, of course, who doesn’t want that? We are living in a very fast-paced society.  Mark said something that challenged me, and I want to share it with you —“daily decisions actually yield compound interest every day.”  

Think about it, the seconds, minutes, the hours, they add up in our day and then at the end of the day, we get to chalk up a win or a loss.  And every single day those chalk marks on the board of life are adding up to who we want to be?

I want to ask you a question because it’s not fair that too many of us float, or we exist through life, and we are not accomplishing the things we want to accomplish.  So, are you fully alive?  If I asked you how long you have lived, and I was not referring to your age – what would be your answer?  What would you tell me?   Are you fully alive?  Are you fully present before your God, before YOU in a mirror, before your children, before your spouse, before your co-workers?  Are you fully present?  

Amazing thing that memory is a blessing and a curse both at the same time.  We remember, and I’m glad because we wouldn’t want to learn the things that we learned yesterday once again today, right?   But, too often, I think we anchor ourselves – it’s easy to remember the things that we don’t want to remember, and we forget the things that we should be remembering.

So, my challenge to you is this:  How do we win the day?  How do we chalk up more wins rather than losses?  We choose to focus on our inputs rather than our outputs.  You can choose what comes into your life, into your mind, into your thoughts, and into your actions.  You have control over that.  If you have a disempowering belief that you don’t have control over that, you do, okay.

I want to leave you with this scripture:  Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days God, that we might learn to gain the heart of wisdom.”  And, so we focus on that.  Did you notice that God has to be into the equation?   So, simply put, focus on your inputs, rather than just your output my friends.  And so, leave me a comment and let me know if you enjoyed this format.  I love you my friends.  I’ll see you next week.



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  1. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Yes! Way to go Ms. Gloria! The music paced wonderfully with your words! Thank you for your wisdom!

  2. Shawnee McClure

    I am loving the vibe of this new format. It feels like I’m sitting across from you having a conversation about life. 🙂
    I am encouraged to also try something new to win the day!

  3. BeLinda Quiroz

    Beautifully done. Love it.

  4. Melony

    I love your set up!! So colorful, thanks for all you do!

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