500 Pound Lions Move Over by Gloria Toti


Would you answer true or false to the following two statements:

  1. The impossible is just temporary.
  2. The impossible is an illusion.

I believe our answers would be a tell-tale sign of where our faith and hearts live, and may I add that no matter if we answered false – God is wanting to get us to see a new reality.

The size of our dreams may be the most accurate measure of the size of our God.

In the summer of 1896, human flight was science fiction. It’s now our daily reality.

At any given moment on any given day, five thousand airplanes carrying a million passengers are flying in the sky.  And it all started with a dream. It always does. But did you know that in May of 1899, Wilbur Wright wrote the most significant letter of his life. He addressed the letter to the Smithsonian Institute, informing them that he had begun a systematic study of human flight.

He asked for everything written on the subject, which wasn’t much, but one book by French farmer who was like “a prophet crying in the wilderness, exhorting the world to repent of its unbelief in the possibility of human flight.”

Wilbur Wright repented of his own unbelief in the possibility of human flight, and the rest is history.

With no education, no crowd funding, and no friends in high places, these brothers refused to let that stop them.

Over and over again, the Wright brothers failed to fly, but they also refused to give up. They learned from each and every failure until they defied gravity for twelve seconds 1903.

Five-hundred-pound dreams often hide within the pages of a book or a book of books, just waiting for a dreamer to flip the page.  And that’s why we can’t stop reading.

Today, my friend, what inspires you? 

The tenacious spirits of these two men convict and challenge me today as I pray for belief in a different type of fight – one where the spirits of mankind sore to new heights amidst a pandemic.  I’m talking about revival in the souls of men, women, and children.

Oh, I wish we had a diary of their conversations of how they inspired each other.

When Jesus walked out of the tomb on the third day, the word impossible was deleted from our dictionary. And when he breathed his first breath as a baby, all possibilities were placed in our reach.

This Christmas season, let’s remember that He bigger than our biggest problems, our worst failures, and our greatest mistakes? He is the God who is able to do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine? No matter what you are being tempted with this day.

The lion of the tribe of Judah longs to help you turn the next page of your DREAM life IN HIM.  This Christmas season you can begin a new journey where hiding dreams become reality dreams.






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