Your Life Matters by Gloria Toti 

Did you wake up this morning wondering what God would accomplish on earth this day? 

What happens if I add the words “through your life” at the end of that sentence? 

Did you wake up this morning wondering what God would accomplish on earth this day through your life?

Part of His divine plan includes using your life in throne-room-business. 

He wants to expand your capacity and cause you to tell others about Him whether you feel worthy of that assignment or not. 

There are so many that don’t know the wrath of man was removed off their shoulders. They are walking around burdened by the heavy load of their sins and a lack of peace. They don’t know that the Holy Spirit is always working for their good. They don’t know God moves through this earth on a mission to seek and save them.  

God is not selfish or secretive about what He’s all about.

Every day we wake up here on this earth we can clearly see God at work – His heart is bent on releasing His creation from the invisible bonds of Satan’s power.  He longs to reach and redeem people who are far from him.

God doesn’t live in a museum, and a ticket is required to see His power on display.  Nope!  He is moving every single day out in the open, and He has invited us into His work.  It’s His heartbeat to see us run toward His throne with surrendered hearts.  It is also His heartbeat for us to tell others about our experience with the God-of-the-angel-armies.

It’s tempting to think that God’s challenge to reach a lost world is a task that’s reserved for elite Christians—those with special gifts or training.  That isn’t the case.

His mission of rescuing wayward sons and daughters has now become our mission.   And, we all qualify to join the team whether we feel qualified or not. 

We are all members of the church to which Jesus gave the Great Commission.  Especially, when he locked eyes with his disciples in  Matthew 28:19-20—through them he was looking at all of his followers throughout time.

“Go and make disciples of all nations,” he told us, “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Yes, these words are for you and me—and for everyone who is a genuine follower of Jesus. 

WE BECOME God’s exciting invitation into a divine partnership to change our world.  We can’t do this without God, but for reasons he doesn’t explain, he chooses to do this with and through us.

You’ll often feel like you’re out of your league.  It’s true, you are—we all are.  And yet we aren’t.  It’s our life assignment from God himself.  He alone makes us able.  There are times when we are nervous and tempted to keep our mouths shut.  Our hearts beat fast, and our palms sweat.  It’s all part of the initiation of joining this divine club.  If we don’t quit, we’ll get used to being brave.

God alone knows how to help us, to use us, and to change people’s eternities through the divinely directed efforts we make.

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, and then told us to go into our world to do the same – go read Matthew 28:18-20. 

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