The Gift Basket by Tina Gonzalez

The Gift Basket
(A Special Delivery From Above)

Isaiah 9:6

Baskets in ancient times were containers made of materials such as palm leaf fibers,
reeds, ropes and twigs. They were used to hold items of value and items for daily use.
Father God knew this special basket would be of the Greatest Value and needed in our lives each and every day. The Gift Basket was designed by the Master Weaver with strips woven so carefully and precise. Designed by our Heavenly Father and filled with the most Amazing Love.

TO:  My Precious Child
FROM: Your Heavenly Father

The earth lays silent, valleys and hills so very quiet.
Sshhhh!….. Can you hear the voices sing?
Melodic music resounds from the Heavens as warfare cringes and moans.
Lord Jesus arrayed in splendor, with robes of mercy, descends from His throne.

So where do we start and how do we begin? To describe the Indescribable…..
The Gift that never ends.
Let’s join this unfolding story. Come! Let’s journey back in time.
If we breathlessly peeked into the Heavenlies , we would watch in wonder
As Eternity steps into time.

And the archangel came…..Gabriel by name
Announcing the most glorious news;
“Mary you have found favor divine,God Most High has chosen you!
You will birth the Son of God and to His kingdom there will be no end.
This child shall be named Jesus and He will rule the nations and save the
people from their sins.”

Shattered vessels and dried-up wells, broken cisterns waiting for life
giving water….just one drop, one precious drop to spill.

A decree went out into all the land, into the city of David and the place called Bethlehem.
Joseph and Mary left Nazareth to be registered, and Behold!…the time, it came!

Heart will unfold like flowers
Blind eyes will open and see
Oh thank you Father God for this Gift Basket….
We will be transformed, changed, set Free!

In the night watches while the shepherds kept their sheep,
An angel appeared, ” Fear not, for behold I bring you great news.
In the City of David a child is born, Christ who is The Lord!

Who is this child with glories untold, that an angel would appear and then an array
of heavenly hosts, trumpeting that a Savior would be born?
And this baby would be found lying in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Now imagine the myriad of heavenly hosts filling the night time sky……
” Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace with whom He is pleased!

The shepherds made haste to share this astonishing story, and then they made known
all they had heard about this precious baby boy wrapped in Heavens shining Glory.

Thank you Father God, our Master Weaver for the most amazing story left to unfold
and greatest Gift of Love ever conceived. Thank you for the Gift Basket that you so thoughtfully designed and carefully weaved… we Celebrate our Messiah, our Savior and King!!!

Have a Blessed Day!

Tina G.

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  1. Lois Pukansky

    Thank you, Tina, for sharing your heart with us! May God be with you through His Son, our Song, at this beautiful time of the year!

  2. Laura

    Lovely. Encouraging in a chaotic world. Thank you.🙏🏻💗

  3. Tina Gonzalez

    Thank-you Lois! I Love the way you mentioned Jesus as “Our Song” as we begin to celebrate our Messiah and King. May your Christmas this year be Blessed beyond measure!

  4. Tina Gonzalez

    Thanks Laura….The True Light of Christmas is surely our Peace that surpasses All understanding! Merry Christmas to you and your family 💖

  5. Tammy Rodriguez Barber

    So thankful for my gift basket of God’s blessings this Christmas season!

  6. Penny Gillentine

    Thank you Tina for allowing The Heavenly Father to use you as His vessel!! To transcend the reminder of how God intended our lives and world to be with peace,joy,love & beauty!!! Helping one another without asking what’s in it for me

  7. Tina Gonzalez

    Amen! Count me in…..So Thankful and Grateful for the most Amazing things in God’s Gift Basket. And all we have to do is ask with open hands and heart ❤. Also very thankful for you!

  8. Tina Gonzalez

    Penny, Thank you for sharing and I am very touched. You are truly a beautiful sparkling gem. May this Christmas season and New Year bring you God’s Best and may He radiate His Light and Love through you to all those you encounter ❤

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