Divergent And A Glorious Collision by Tina Gonzalez

– Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends. John 15:13
– And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is Love. 1Cor 13:13
The word for 2021 has arrived! A BIG word packed and wrapped with the most amazing things.
Drum roll and curtain call……….Ta-Dah!  LOVE. The word on the streets, highways and byways is Love. Unselfish, unbridled, multi-faceted and layered Love. This beautiful word sent the King of the universe to romance an earthly world that was falling apart and woo it back unto Himself. As I was praying over the new year and what the Lord wanted me to focus on, the word Love coupled with divergent was given to me. I found that divergent means to separate. It is a movement from a common point or pathway into different directions. In the beginning in the Garden with Adam and Eve, and for all of Gods children, a form of divergence has occurred. But the purest of Love came down and restored, merging wrong choices and pathways back unto Himself!
-Divergent and a Glorious Collision-
Black, Complex and Thick Layered
Creeping in – Sinking in
Never looking back
Crimson upon Crimson Red
Falling – Soaking
Perfection shed
Waking the soul, Transforming the dead
Brilliant Light falling skyward down,
Complex and Thick, releasing its grip…..
Suffocating – Loosing ground
Smeared and Stained
Once crushed – Once shamed
Strongholds loosed….
Divergent Restrained!
Bright and Shiny
Locked doors of darkness and fear,
Years of pain – Trauma and strain
Now open
Transparent – Made Clear
Flesh and Spirit begin to Sing!
Once split – Once divided
Now beautifully Knitted,
Aligned –  Unified
Black turned to White
Wrongs made Right
Once Shackled – Chained
Now made Whole….. I’ve been Justified!
Curses and sin…..They kept me from Him,
His Love so Deep – So Wide
My Footsteps have been ordered. Am I still tested?
Yes, definitely tried! But my Joy and Love have been made full.
Hallelujah! Divergence has died!
Sin has to be removed layer by layer, root by root, to expose – deal with and obliterate.
Love is to be put on layer by layer like clothes and added to. It creates and reshapes.
It grows and catches waves of glory. It is the core and catalyst that breathes and moves,
merging our story with His path and amazing story.
God isn’t be-dazzled by our big plans to climb Mt. Everest, earn a spot on the Olympic Team
or make the front page cover for Sexiest Woman Alive! Instead, our Heavenly Father is overjoyed
when we walk across the street to check- on and pray with our neighbor.
So…..What do you want to wear today?
LOVE is Patient
LOVE is Kind,
LOVE is never Haughty
And Always Right on Time!!
Tina Gonzalez

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  1. Gloria Toti

    I LOVE this – pun intended. It makes me feel loved all over again…and makes me want to show forth that love with great intentionality. Lead me Lover of my soul…

  2. Terisa Clark

    Beautiful! And a huge blessing to me today. Thank you!!

  3. Tammy Barber

    Separation gone. United we stand…in LOVE. So beautifully written ❤

  4. Lois Pukansky

    How beautiful! Thank you! I enjoyed it tremendously!

  5. Julie Jones

    Beautifully written! ❤💞❤

  6. Lisa Hatchett


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