Don’t Blink by Diane Qubty

While I sip my morning tea, relax and read before the day begins, I think of the young moms out there who would consider this a vacation day.  Hang on sweet mommas!  I know the days can seem so busy and hectic.  Chores repeat themselves and never seem to get done.  Faces need to be cleaned, bottoms need to be wiped, clothes need to be washed, hair needs to be fixed, and mercy, the errands!  You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if it’s ever going to be your turn. The job of being a mom can seem less than glamorous at times.  And even though you know…sometimes you can feel so unimportant.  God sees you.  He’s there with you in the minute little details of your everyday life and He hears you. He watches as you train up His little disciples and brags to the angels about your ability to do 12 things at one time with a smile on your face – well, there’s a smile most of the time anyway!

I laughed as I watched and listened to Chonda Pierce, a Christian comedian, as she went through an especially funny routine one day.  She said as she was raising her two children people would always tell her not to blink, because they’d be grown.  She spent the next minute blinking as hard as she could.  I laughed even though I knew it was true!  I find myself delivering this same news to young moms and my own daughters now.  (Don’t turn around either!)

And then my mind goes back to a day that doesn’t seem that long ago and at the same time it feels like a whole other world away.  I was standing in the laundry room around midnight – not an unusual thing for me to be doing.  I used to be amazed at women that would talk about ‘laundry day.’ With four athletic daughters and a husband, I did laundry every day and still needed a ‘laundry day!’ but on this night, I had one hand in the Maytag and the other was holding a pair of dirty socks.  I was looking at the carefully sorted mounds surrounding me.  They represented my life –  Not the stinky work, mind you, but the people they belonged to.  The eyes of my heart went from room to room in my home.  I thought of each of my four daughters, asleep in her bed, (supposedly anyway), and of my sweet husband fast asleep in the room next to me preparing for another day of work.  We were all under the safety and security of one roof.  My whole world sealed up in this home, watched over by God, and full of more love than I could ever have imagined.  I sealed this day, this moment, into my memory and told God that, yes, even with all this mess, this was my best day ever. I still think that maybe it was.

And in the blink of an eye…

Hold them tight and remember that you are never unimportant, never less than your dreams, and you are NEVER alone.  (And DON’T BLINK!)

Be blessed ~ Diane



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