Amy Coney Barrett…For Such A Time As This by Gloria Toti

God sees it all.  With your vote, will you defend Roe v. Wade or innocent pre-born babies who are not old enough to fight for themselves?

Right now, if you have been reading the news, you know there is a rage against Amy Coney Barrett and most of it centers around the potential of the Court reversing Roe v. Wade.

The rage is also about Judge Barrett’s Christian faith.

She is Catholic and the Catholic’s biblical dogma declares that “life begins at conception.”

It’s hard to imagine that many in our society are trying to tell us that combining the words faith and law is dangerous.   God himself is the original lawgiver.  Law and faith are united at the hip.

When Amy was nominated for the Seventh Court of Appeals, Senator Feinstein argued that “she was biased because of her Catholic faith and could not rule justly because of that bias.”  The same argument is now being made this very moment.  Friends, Joe Biden is also Catholic.

So, the issue is not whether or not one is Catholic, it is where you stand believing the Bible of how the shedding of the innocent blood of the unborn is a righteous or unrighteous act.

Representative Ilhan Omar was quoted in the news today saying: “Let’s be clear about this: if a Muslim woman was nominated to the Supreme Court, you would see Republicans lose their mind about her religious background… “Sharia law” would be trending right now. Miss me with the pearl-clutching and all this righteous talk about religious freedom.”

She does not know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I hope words like these make you want to step up your worship of the true God.

As it has been said, Amy is a woman who is well-qualified and leads with the integration of a righteous heart, mind and soul.  She is brilliant but yet humble, fair and impartial.  She has a great commitment to apply the law and not advance her personal agenda or to make law.

We need people applying the law of God at our highest offices of our country in order for our country to get back on track.

Psalm 75 declares that promotion comes not from the east or the west, for God raises up one and brings down another.

Once again, it may be God has exalted an Esther, potentially, to the highest court in the land.

And as we can see, President Trump has become the most pro-life president in America’s modern history, and it appears that he too could be the one raised up by God to appoint judges to the courts who will reverse the murder of innocent children.

He could be America’s William Wilberforce.

Now, with the nomination of ACB, the whole nation has been brought to a moment where God is saying, “I set before you life and death.   Choose life!”

Yesterday, I heard Senator Kamala Harris once again proudly say that “she will fight for the rights for women to do what they want with their own bodies.”

This is evil talk.  We all know that if a woman takes the life of another with the use of a gun, we call it murder in our country, yet, it’s her own body in each circumstance.

How is it that the law changes and doesn’t apply in the same way?  One has consequences, the other has rights.  Something is wrong with our laws.

As a woman listening to these other women fighting against the rights of unborn children made in the image of God, I can’t help but to think about what Jezebel was like.  In the Bible, we see how she fought against God.

Our religious freedoms have already been fought for, but today more than ever we are recognizing the threat to those freedoms.   We are God’s agent for good. Let’s choose life. 

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  1. Connie Englund

    We cannot elect people who are double minded and have double standards. A house divided cannot stand. Let’s make our country great again by standing for what is right, the true word of God. Seventh commandment of the Ten commandments says “Thou Salt Not Kill”. There is no gray area here. It is in black and white. Jesus said, “Bring all the children unto me. ” matt 19:14. Someone may have had an abortion before they knew the truth. God in His grace and mercy forgives if we ask for forgiveness. But just as the woman at the well, John 8:11Jesus says neither do I condemn thee go and sin no more.” Thank you Father for your forgiveness!! Let’s stand up for the truth. Your vote and voice counts! 2 Chornicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves,and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways,; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

  2. Mary Land

    Amen my sister!!! Listening to you makes me want to go ahead and get off my duff and submit the paperwork I am sitting on to volunteer at Heartline! That mission is going to be even more necessary in Lubbock if Planned Parenthood is allowed to come back! Thank you, Gloria!

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