God In A Box by Tina Gonzalez

I absolutely love aquariums! We have a 42 gallon in our living room with tropical community fish and a large Koi Angel overseeing everything. In my bedroom is a corner aquarium with a variety of South American and African Cichlids. Upon reading about fish in captivity, I learned that they are limited in their growth compared to their natural habitats.

As I pondered this stunted growth of Gods original design, it started a personal timeline process for me and my relationship with Father God. A few decades ago, I can honestly say that I limited God in what He could do and definitely wanted to do in my life. I was saved at an early age, but I can distinctly remember even up through my twenties, putting God in a box and just getting Him out when it was convenient or when I might have a little “extra time” to carve out of my busy schedule.
Fast forward to present, these limitations I placed on God wasn’t necessarily from my perspective of Him and who He was, but from not understanding who I was in Christ, my spiritual identity and how He saw me. I Am the Daughter of the most High King! It was also from not putting Him first and watching my words, making sure they lined-up with His and scripture. Instead, I let the earthly reign…. busyness and my wants. I wonder how many of us limit our limitless God by putting Him into a box and locking the lid on good and tight? How about when we wrap our God in a box with pretty paper and a bow, only to unwrap Him for Christmas or Easter? Truth told, we are actually putting ourselves into a confined space. By so doing, we are not only limiting who He is and what He can do, but how big we can grow, our original design and the freedom He intended.  He wants for us to soar high on the wings of eagles and run with Caleb and take down the giants! ” God in a Box? Come, Let’s Look Inside!”
Excuse me my friend, have you seen The Lord today?
Yes….Yes I see! God is in that box ? I am slightly confused and oh so sorry, but the box looks cramped, tattered and quite empty
I think you are mistaken, He simply is not there.
Let’s take a closer look my friend,
Why…It’s just a box of air!
Why don’t we open our minds. Let’s open our hearts and really pray this through.
How can you confine the Universe to such a small, useless square?
The Creator of the galaxies, the Key to locked closed doors?
A Commander-in-Chief of Angelic Armies simply cannot be in there!
The Light to darkened pathways, the innocent Lamb who died?
The majestic Lion of Judah….The Good Shepherd who wept and cried.
What’s that my friend? Oh, say that again to me!
My heart is so glad to hear that…Now we can agree. Yes, we shouldn’t , we just couldn’t possibly dare, to fathom the Master of the Universe….a gem so precious and rare, to confine the Great I Am to an empty useless box……A Box of empty air!

Thank- you Father God for helping me to realize that I was never meant to try and confine you to an empty box. Thank-you so much for helping me out of mine! As I journey with You, I am constantly in awe of Your great love for your children and that the Master of the Universe wants to do more than we could possibly ask for or imagine. As I walk with You step by step, hand in hand, I am so amazed and I’m continuously learning that You are definitely more than I could ever ask for….. or imagine!

Have a Blessed Day! Tina G.

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  1. Sylvia Farrington

    Thank you Tina for sharing your Love for Christ. I am so Blessed by your words. I am now in this phase of my life finding confidence in my Jesus and how he portrays me in his eyes. Thank you.

  2. Terry Johnston

    Absolutely beautiful and true to the T I to have been on a more intentional journey of truly accepting myself 💯 for who n how God made me n knowing n understanding that by putting God in a box I was putting myself in a box too, and not allowing him to really use me the way he intended. Thank you lord for making me yours n for helping me through my metamorphosis, help me spread my wings for you!!🦋

  3. Tammy Rodriguez Barber

    Love that our God is limitless and more than we could ever ask or imagine!

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