God Is Better Than Google Maps by Gloria Toti

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

What do those words mean to you today?

Have you even heard those words before?  

Those words mean a lot to my heart in this season, and ironically, those words have always meant a lot to me.  In each season of my life, they have spoken something different. 

As life changed from serving God in my 20’s and into my 30’s, those words were there.  Now I’m getting ready to have those words speak a new layer of Truth in my 60’s.  

They have been an anchor. 

God knew that our plans would fail at times.  Or our plans would be diverted because life just seems to happen in ways we did not expect.  

I know many of you are asking tough questions during our FB live online life group on Tuesday’s at 11:15, and we love you having a safe place to express yourselves.  

We are not meant to live life in isolation.  We are not to be backed into the corners of life by Mr. Shame or Mr. Guilt.  

God had and has much more in mind for our lives that we can ever imagine.   Let’s revisit the scripture I read earlier.  This time, listen to the contrast of what is being taught.  Hint, the words man and God give it away.  Each of them has a plan.  Whose do you think is better? 

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

God has a plan…down to the steps we are to take.  I think He is reminding us that we don’t have to live according to chance.  He will direct our steps if we look to Him for guidance.  

What a God.  What a friend.  

It’s important to have friends around us because life’s hard experiences can be overwhelming…and who doesn’t love to know that a friend is thinking of you or praying for you.  

Ironically, the Holy Spirit is our best friend…our helper, and our comforter.  

He has the power to break the cycle of pit-dwelling over our lives…and to help us break curses that keep us tethered.  

Lord, help us determine the steps you desire us to take this day…help us think the thoughts you have for us today.  Help us with anger, disappointment, discouragement, depression, oppression, and every work of the enemy.  

Help us release the plans and chapters that we would have written with our lives…or that we wrote, and we hate them.  We surrender them to you.  Help us recognize you are the God who is unlimited in power.  

Give us strength to believe you for more despite the pain yesterday brought into our lives.  

Today is a new day to believe you for a stronger relationship with the God of Gods.  

Lord, our desire is you.  Lift our heads this day as we gaze upon your beauty.  

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