Hard Work Still Works by Gloria Toti


Are People Still Willing To Work Hard?
Today in our society, we are watching way too many people who believe they have the right not to work.  Or they believe they cannot work.  And my question is what?…and why?
There is a job for those who want to use their God-given talent.  Yes, I know there is a small percentage in life that cannot work.  I get that.  I’m not referring those individuals.  Let’s move on.
Today, I have a question for you.
How does one succeed?
By doing the dirty work.
It’s not rocket science and friends there have always been those with more wealth than others.  Such is life.  We cannot become bitter over that reality and think we cannot succeed.
If you are stuck looking through that type of lens because your funds are scarce, you probably don’t have much hope.  You need hope my friend.  Then the funds will follow.
Hope is a key to a better tomorrow.
It is the key to open the door of opportunity.
We can’t buy into the lies that only some succeed.
That’s how we lose hope, a community, city and ultimately a nation.  That lie leads to being angry and bitter and then we will try to find ways to cope with all that chaos in our minds,
and many in society are good at making up plans that keep people in bondage.

That mindset leads to more decay in society – deep down we recognize that a prolonged handout is not God’s way for us.
It’s goes against God’s design.  It brings a heaviness to the soul of man.
Then people try to numb out, so they don’t feel that feeling.  It’s a vicious cycle.

When I think of Ruth in the bible, she and Naomi had nothing.  Yet, the structure in Biblical society was set for the poor to come out and work.
They could come and glean the fields after harvest season.  Others would leave some of the harvest on the edge of their fields for the needy.
Dignity was found in their effort of movement.  It hasn’t changed – it’s still God’s design in each of us.

Like I said last week, it won’t be easy, but it is still possible.
We live in a society where it’s easy to tap out and play the victim.
It welcomes bitterness, competition against neighbors, and overall welcomes a new norm of entitlement.
We were not designed to stay idle.
An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and the devil will gladly help you think ungodly thoughts that can bring depression into your mind at 100 mph.
Friends, the pattern I see in the Bible is one of repentance.
If we have bought into the lies that go contrary to God’s thoughts for us, stop and turn around.  He is the one who will bless the work of your hand.
A nation can rise if we repent, embrace his values, and work hard.
LET’S ASK GOD FOR MERCY…and don’t forget to allow His values show up in the way you vote.

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