WHOOPS! By Nita Kuehn

Last week by husband accidentally blew a circuit breaker in our house when he plugged in a faulty power cord.  We lost all power and everything went dark!  Fortunately, we have a wonderful son-in-law who came over and restored the power and the darkness was dispelled.

I couldn’t help but think of Adam and Eve.  I’m sure most of you remember the story.  If only Eve had not taken a bite of fruit from the wrong tree….

What fruit was it?  We don’t really know.  But what we do know is that the taste of it and the impact from it has lasted for centuries.  You see, Eve had a choice – as we do: Shall I eat from the Tree of Life or do I want to be “my own source of power” and eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

We know the decision Adam and Eve made, but what about us?

What was on the Tree of Life and why was the Tree of Knowledge so bad?  What can be wrong with knowing about good and evil?  Hmm…  Let’s take a look.

What were Adam and Eve really desiring when they chose the forbidden tree?  And why did God forbid them to eat of it?

Satan, our adversary, wooed Adam and Eve into believing that they would be like God!  They thought that by eating the fruit they could literally become their own source of power.  And, truthfully, how often have we chosen to be our own source by making major decisions without even thinking of consulting God?

We spend hours worrying about things over which we have absolutely no control; we make decisions based on our own judgments  rather than seeking God; or we search books or Google to find the answer.  Unfortunately, seeking God’s wisdom is nowhere on our agenda.  Why?

The answer is simple:  We are picking fruit off the wrong tree.  So what kind of fruit is on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

It’s pretty easy to guess what is hanging on the bad side.  Just look in Galatians 5 – greed; hatred; anger; immorality; discord; etc.  But how could the good side of that tree be bad?  Well, first of all, the whole tree is rooted in the soil of self.  Thus, we become the judge.  We measure our own “good” to your “good” (comparison, jealousy).  We make rules for ourselves and others based on what we judge to be good.  Then we even condemn ourselves when we don’t measure up to the standards we have set.  Are you getting the picture?  What a miserable way to live.  No wonder God wants us to stay away from that tree!  Thank goodness He sent His Son-of-Love to dispel that darkness!

So what fruit is on the Tree of Life – the tree God wants us to eat from?  Well, we can also find that in Galatians 5.  It is what flows from God’s breath of life:  Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Sound familiar?  Yes, it is the fruit of the Spirit because that Tree is rooted in HIM!

My wonderful friends, isn’t that what we truly desire in life?  Isn’t that what abundant life looks like?  It is ours!  We simply need to unplug from ourselves and become rooted in God.  Listen to His voice:  Your future is bright and filled with a living hope that will never fade away.  As you listen to me, my beloved child, you will grow in wisdom and your heart will be drawn into understanding, which will empower you to make right decisions. (Prov 23:18 TPT)

Now, that’s a great power source!

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