Happy 60th Birthday To Me by Gloria Toti


Whoa, I’m 60 years old today.  I can’t believe that I have officially lived 21,900 days.  As I have reflected on letting go of my 50’s, and my 40’s and my…—well, I think you get the picture—I thought it would be fun to share some of the valuable lessons I have learned while living the life God gifted to me. 

1.     Making God an accessory in our life doesn’t work.  He is much more than an add on. 

2.      Do yourself a favor and read your Bible.  It will change your life.  I don’t think God took the time to write it so we could catch dust with it.  

3.     Make sure to use a full-length mirror before you leave the house to make sure you are not wearing a clingy sock, or something worse.  I’ve heard some of your stories and have one of my own.  No surprises, please! 

4.     God is so much more than a title to throw around.  He is HOLY.  

5.     Peace is a gift that comes to us from God when we live a live between these two lanes: repentance and obedience. 

6.     Don’t be so religious – God doesn’t mind us having clean fun. 

7.     Don’t magnify people’s weaknesses. 

8.     Don’t give yourself a break by only evaluating your intentions and ignoring your actions. 

9.     Make sure to wash behind your ears. 

10.  We can overcome anything the devils throws our way.  Some might take longer than others.

11.  Don’t sweat the thought of getting old – everyone is on the same plan.  

12.  Buy a magnification mirror once you turn 40.  It helps. 

13.   Now I am officially old enough to say remember to enjoy life, it goes by really fast. 

14.   Friends, our kids are more important than anything we acquire on this earth…and they don’t care if the kitchen floor doesn’t get mopped each night after dinner. 

15.  Remember, those people that really get under your skin are probably hurting – acknowledge them by not letting them offend you. 

16.  I am old enough to call everyone honey…how fun is that! 

17.   One thing I have learned and hope I never forget is:  Forgive often.  Life will always be lighter if you don’t pick up offenses everywhere you go. 

18.   Always strive to be humble. 

19.   We have all been invited to be human carriers of eternal glory and each day matters more than we can imagine, so strive to live in harmony with God, yourself, and others.  

20.  Always cover your mouth when you sneeze. 

21.  Ask God for discernment, remember to take a breath, and don’t make an agreement with the enemy. 

If you are listening to this video today, I would say thank you for being of the individuals God has brought into my life.  Let’s all go out and continue to collect memories and friends as we live on mission for His glory and honor.  

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