Heart Transplant by Tina Gonzalez

Well Girls, It’s almost here……HEART DAY!
As I sat and thought about the upcoming day of Valentines, the most wonderful scripture kept flowing through my mind, John 15:13- ” Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends.” It is mind blowing to me when I hone-in and try to wrap my mind (and spirit) around the Love of God….. It is simply impossible!

The greatest of Loves- Three in one
Father God, Holy Spirit and our Lord said,
“There is so much left to give and so much left undone.” One was chosen as two looked on- It was unanimous…..
“We send the Son!” Love came and did the unthinkable. Leaving His heavenly home to pursue children and the hearts of men and women. But it’s not just His love that is so amazing and unheard of, it’s His forgiveness. I love the Greek word for saved. It means “delivered and healed!”

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand
Brilliant as the stars and infinite as seashores of sand
One grasps and holds, while the other lets loose-gently smiles and lets go
One wields and shapes while the other steps down, rests and unfolds.

Love is transparent, multifaceted with brilliant colors of the rainbow
Forgiveness extends – opens doors -accepts what The Lord is doing, while
stepping down and saying “No.”
It is not up to you and me to fully understand
It heals the body- frees the mind- opens the soul

Saying “Yes” to ultimate healing and miracles, new visions and life….new branches and growth.

Laying down confusion, pain and old habits….picking up wisdom and knowledge.

Love never seeks fortune and Love never seeks fame. Interesting to me was that Jesus never came to the earth seeking fortune or fame, but He is the most famous person in history and He owns everything! The Lord not only wants to Love us, but He wants for us to be delivered and healed on a daily basis. As I was writing this, The Lord directed me to an inner healing exercise that I was given about 4 years ago in our Freedom Ministries class. He wanted to visit with me about a root that started in my childhood and He wanted me to take care of this root so I could be delivered and healed in this area of my life. I wanted to share this amazing exercise. So, with permission from Nita Kuehn of Walking In Freedom Ministries, who is also my personal mentor, here it is…

1. Lord, what in my life do you want to talk to me about today?
2. Tell me how or when this took root in my life?
3. Where were You, God, when this happened?
4. What lie did I believe at that time?
5. When I believed that lie, what did I do in my heart (Inner vow/judgement)?
6. What do I need to do about that (forgive; let go of something)?
7. Lord, what is the truth about the lie I believed?
8. What, Lord, do You want me to leave behind in that place and time (fear ,shame, lies, unforgiveness, anger, rejection)?
9.What do I need to take back (power, love, innocence, truth, etc.)?
10. Lord, what do You want to do for me (give me peace, show me how much You love me,
show me that You’ve always been there)?
11. Is there anything else I need to do before I leave this memory forever?

The Holy Spirit took me back to when I was 6 years old. This is amazing in itself for those that know me, because I don’t remember large portions of my childhood…. It’s been blocked-out.
He took me and showed me a memory where I was standing in a room with my parents. There was quite a bit of yelling. I’m not sure what all the arguing was about, but somehow it involved me. The Lord gently showed me that this is where a root of performance and over performance started in me life. I decided that if I could only do better and be better at performing, maybe this wouldn’t happen again. As I went through this exercise, His love seemed to penetrate every fiber of my being. When question number six came along, He asked me to forgive both my parents and myself. My favorite part of the exercise was question number 10.
Lord, what do you want to do for me? He so lovingly replied, ” Tina, I want to give you a new heart….. I’m giving you a HEART TRANSPLANT!” Wow, How incredible!

LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind, LOVE is never haughty and always right on time…


By Tina Gonzalez

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  1. Terry Johnston

    Absolutely riveting Tina an awesome read n true to every word and example that Jesus taught us the greatest of these is love truly inspiring thank u Jesus n thanks Tina great job love you 😘

  2. Marty Hannah

    Tina, I love your writings and this one is so very special. Thank you so much for being open and willing to share your life’s journey. May the Lord continue to bless you beyond measure.

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