Arise & Shine by Shawnee McClure

I love the morning time. The sunrise brings such a delight from within me. Seeing the first light of a new day and, even the first few hours of the day when the sunlight looks fresh, breathing life into the world, brings peace to my soul. I call it “new light.”
“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon
you.” (Isaiah 60:1)
Some of you non-morning people may roll your eyes at the idea that I truly love waking up to the sound of birds singing outside my window, but it is just a happiness in my life that has never faded. It’s natural praise that urges my mind first thing in the
morning to give thanks to God for the day and to delight in him for who he is. As I wake,
the circumstance of the day may be dwelling and unappealing, but God did not change
through the night as I slept. He remained worthy.
I wish on weekdays before work I had enough will power and diligence to regularly wake up with more time to enjoy the morning at a leisurely pace rather than snoozing. Why is it that beds are always more comfortable in the morning? Even in the
winter when it is dark in the early hours, the peace of the quiet and the lure of a new day beckons me to delight in the Lord. So why is it that I too often fall into the morning lull of “just five more minutes?”
I’ve previously had a season in life when I spiritually reflected this type of lull into the comforts of the now. I felt the Holy Spirit beckoning me to come closer while the comforts of “just a little more” enticed me to say, “In a minute, no really, I promise.
Tomorrow,” towards God.
It was uncomfortable, friends. I would imagine that if you are reading this then
you too have felt the woo of God in a season of life that was busy, maybe not even with anything sinful, but that you held your index finger up to God and said, “I hear you, but give me just a minute,” then a minute turns into a year and you are trying to remember the last time you earnestly prayed or read your Bible. I know, because I felt that pain of
the wanting. My heart was looking one direction while the rest of myself was ripping away from my heart in another direction.
It hurts because we are made for God. We are made to worship him and delight in
him. He woos us each differently just as he has created us specifically. So while you may
detest waking up early, you probably already know the things in life that naturally grab
the attention of your soul to delight in God. I encourage you to pursue these things as a
special and intimate way to pursue God as a father, a friend, and a lover of your soul.
Shawnee McClure

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  1. Laura Lewis

    Beautiful.💗. I too love the early morning, the sun awakening, the birds singing.

  2. Diane Qubty

    What a beautiful word! And I needed to hear it this morning. Bless you, Sister!

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