The Grip Of Satan Was Removed Off Us by Gloria Toti


What are your Easter plans…and I am not talking about your earthly plans.  What are your kingdom plans this Easter?  May we walk away from Easter with a little more boldness because of the eternal hope we choose to own.

Last week, I asked you to pump the brakes on the busyness of your lives to really take in the deep meaning of Easter.  It’s easy to think the day is about bunnies and easter eggs, but it isn’t that at al l.  

As people were eyewitnesses of the life of Jesus, I believe we too are eyewitnesses of two kingdoms waring against each other.  The fight is over the souls of mankind.  One kingdom wants to invite to live in heaven, and the other kingdom wants to drag us to hell.  One can’t even watch the local news and deny the warfare is now in plain sight.  It’s crazy what happens to mankind without Jesus living in our souls.  It’s ugly.  

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central moment in human history that serves as the foundational doctrine of Christianity.  His resurrection validates his identity as the divine Son of God, it also demonstrates his irrevocable victory over death and the grave, and it secures both the present salvation and future physical resurrection of believers.

What a plan.  What a God.  What a savior.  What a Holy Spirit.  

 At the time that the events of the New Testament occurred, the resurrection of the dead was a concept very familiar to the Jewish people, who anticipated that it would take place at the end of all things.  Mary and Martha are two sisters who lived during the accounts we find in the N/T and their brother Lazarus$23Jews.1died.   Martha believes in the resurrection and nods her head in agreement when Jesus refers to the resurrection of her brother Lazarus. 

Your brother “will rise again” as we see referenced in John 11:23.

But, God was already on the move before the cross. He was busy reminding the spirits of death they were not in charge.  

Easter reminds us how the eternal Son of God was truly raised from the dead in his glorified physical body, and no longer subject to decay and death.

Next week, we are going to continue our conversation about Jesus and Easter.  Let’s not rush this beautiful miracle that set us free from the grip of Satan himself.  Go bow in worship because He’s worthy.  

Let this be the best Easter you have known.   

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