I’m A Grandma by Gloria Toti


My heart is exploding with so many emotions over the news of my younger son and his beautiful wife, Dr. Toti, telling us they’re expecting a baby. 

JT and Annalee held the news for two months as they strategically planned to announce the news when we would all be together for Christmas.

When the news came, we all reacted in different ways, some screamed, some cried, some jumped.  Everything in us wanted to celebrate the moment of baby Toti’s announcement. 

Carl was a little late to the party since he did not realize what was happening.  He had no idea two newborn booties were tucked away in that little box. 


When the two boxes were handed to us at the same time, I was slow to catch on to what was happening.  In hindsight, I should have ripped open the box knowing that Annalee had dropped a few, vague hints of how awesome our gift would be.  Gloria, what were you thinking?  A dream had been positioned inside and was waiting to be unveiled.

Dr. Molina was smart.  He nudged Claudia to open the box and not to wait.  Poor thing she was still trying to listen to me while opening her box at the same time.  Then her shocked reaction prompted me to look at her box as I held my unopened box.  I screamed, and Dr. Molina sprung to his feet in sheer joy.  Claudia gulped as to take in the moment.  I screamed again.  Poor Carl he was still processing the moment and putting away the knife he was offering to help open the box.  LOL. 

The moment was surreal.  It’s a memory this mom/Grandma will never forget.  

It’s amazing how JT was a dream in my heart, Annalee was a dream in my heart and Toti grandchildren were all once just dreams. DO YOU SEE HOW OUR DREAMS PRODUCE MORE DREAMS.  Carl and Nathan also began with a dream of what could be; a harvest of dreams is God’s plan.  

Now, I have a dream to be a wonderful grandma, but I will have to learn to stay in my lane because once a parent, always a parent.  

Did you hear what I just said, watching dreams unfold is not always easy and never will be. Dreams require work, intentionality, purpose, and lots of grace and patience. 

Two families are now learning to connect in beautiful, new ways.  We have moved from being acquaintances to being friends, and now to being a strong family with a connected vision and mission for our children…and for God’s glory.  Next week, I want to continue talking about dreams because we are all latent with them.

For now, hold on to this:


Ironically the outside package that evening did not show the richness of the gift inside until it was opened.  Go ahead and open the new box God presents to you this year.  Don’t be afraid to trust Him.


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  1. Gloria Zavala

    Congratulations Pastor Gloria!!! Best news ever learning a blessed baby given to a deserving couple and family. ❤🙏🏼

  2. Renée Hargrove

    I’m so excited for all of you. Congratulations!!

  3. Connie Englund

    Yay!!! I’m screaming for joy with you!!

  4. Roxann Lusk

    Congratulations!!! 🎉❤️ I am filled with joy for you and your beautiful family!

  5. Donita

    Children are blessings from God–grandchildren are grand-blessings from God! Congratulations to your growing family!
    We are excited and happy for you all:-) May your quiver be full!

  6. abbey shannon


  7. Gloria

    God’s ways are beautiful. Thank you so much. I’m thinking of your little Amber today on her special day.

  8. gtoti

    Thank you kindly my friend. I’m in the G-lane…woohoo!!!

  9. gtoti

    I was a screaming grandma…thanks for screaming with me.

  10. gtoti

    You watched that little boy grow up. Now, we watch his child…wow!

  11. gtoti

    Thank you kindly Gloria. This is happening, and Carl and I are over the moon with joy.

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