Just Breathe by Gloria Toti

Are there more things on your to-do-list than there were yesterday?  If you have a personality like me, the things you pushed off until tomorrow are here and so are a few other things.  

It’s December, and we are notorious to cram way too much stuff in our lives.  We are experts at trying to do things with little margin to spare.  If we are not careful, we wear ourselves way too thin.  

How is it that we cram all these fun Christmas parties, children’s musicals, recitals, and school class parties, and baking all in one month.  Just for the record, I don’t bake, but it sounded great to add to the list! 

Are there days where you tell yourself, you are only one person serving many individuals.  And, let me remind you this is where you can be honest.  

Why don’t we celebrate those awesome children’s musicals in November?  Why do we have to gather with our friends and co-workers during the month of December…January is a great month?  December is the month for Jesus, right? 

If you are like me, you probably told yourself that you would spend more time sitting and reflecting on the divine beauty of the season, and you are discontent with that reality?  I bet a lot of you are juggling like I am because things didn’t go as smooth as planned.  Slowing down is nowhere to be seen.   

I am about to say something that might sound a bit opinionated.  Forgive me in advance if I offend you.  Ready, here is goes? 

I often wonder if some man thought up the ideas of all these fun things to do in December…or perhaps it was all of those 7’s on the Enneagram.  

Now let me explain.  In our household, I am the only female.  I am the one who thinks of all the presents, wrapping, packing, food, parties, etc.  I think you get the picture.  Despite how awesome Mr. Blue is, we pinks get the weightier side of the stick in the month of December.    

So, this year, I am changing things up – everyone is going to be asked to lend a helping hand at home more than they did last year.  Now, at work, I will ask for help as well. 

I’m going to ask you to do the same.  Let’s all be honest and tell others if we don’t have the stamina to carry the load this year on our own.  Whew – that felt good to say that.  We are not superwomen so let’s stop pretending that we have all our stuff together.  No one does.  

Let’s enter the remainder of our Christmas season being honest with ourselves and let’s give ourselves permission to breathe – it will be an extraordinary way to enter 2022.  

Merry Christmas my friends.  


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  1. Denise Dietz

    Wow…what a load lifter! Sure set me free. ♥️💃🏽🎄🤶

  2. Beena

    Needed this today!! Thank u Ms Gloria!!❤️

  3. Carrie Hayslip

    Wow. I’m glad I’m not alone! Thanks Gloria!

  4. Connie Englund

    We are so quick to say Jesus is the reason for the season then get so caught up on doing i forget to just reflect. Thank you for the reminder that it’s OK to just sit and spend this time with the One this month is set apart for

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