Pass or Fail – You Decide by Gloria Toti


I love the word VOTE because voting gives us an opportunity to let our voices be heard.  Everyone who wants to get involved in making things better or worse will step into the ballot box and let their vote stand.

Early voting is about to begin, and I want to take the time to let you know there is an initiative on that ballot that all parents and
grandparents should be paying attention to because this can impact our kids.

Allow to speak to you from my mama’s heart because we just celebrated Easter and we all know that Easter is all about FREEDOM.
Well, today there is an ordinance called Prop A that I want to discuss with you.  This ordinance is here to threaten the freedom of our children and youth in our very own city.

This ordinance wants to decriminalize 4 ounces of weed— and that doesn’t sound like much, but friends, it is enough to make 250 joints. That sure sounds like some are planning on distributing this stock to others.
This initiative is going to be on the May ballot, and the individuals who would vote for this is saying that this is low level possession.

You decide if that is true.
Kids in our society already have so much to deal with, they don’t need this pressure or temptation to dabble in a substance that can entrap them.

The mama bear in my heart is amped up.
We can’t subjugate vulnerable kids in our city to this type of dangerous activity.

Today, I want to ask you to help all kids in this city by voting AGAINST this harmful substance from
flooding our streets – and will bring many unplanned things to our city such as unwanted crime and put Lubbockites in danger.

Freedom is possible if we act.
If you agree that this is not LOW LEVEL – go out and vote AGAINST Prop A.

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