Seasons Change Us By Vicky Palmer

Our lives are filled with seasons of splendor and victory; sacrifice and struggle; security and calm. What makes it possible to move through the variables of life’s seasons is knowing that God is always in control and has faithfully lead His people through all of the circumstances that come throughout life’s journey. Affirmation of this belief comes out with absolute clarity when you spend time reading the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. Which is where I have found myself drawn for my time in God’s Word lately. Clearly this draw was related to the upcoming move for my household and the transition of this season.

I dealt with a lot of logistics in motion preparing for our upcoming move in March. All of which had me feeling bouts of excitement, sadness, and exhaustion! Excitement for the comfort and joy that will be restored in our household as my husband and I will again be living under the same roof for every day of the week. Ending nine months of weekends only and seeking God’s guidance for “what’s next”.  Sadness for the distance that this move will put between the wonderful friendships and community that I have gained in my time here. And of course, the exhaustion that comes from the cleaning, packing, and projection of all the energy that is required in this process to go and to resettle.

But then I came upon this verse in Deuteronomy that gave me pause and is now ringing in my ears as I took calculated steps each day in this process of moving and facing change. Chapter 1, verses 6-7 says: “The LORD our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance into the hill country of the Amorites; . . .”

The time that I was in Lubbock and specifically part of the Prize31 Women’s Ministry at Trinity Church had been a “mountain top experience” in my life. One of great joy and growth and it has surely been divinely appointed for this season.  I found this process of changing seasons a true definition of the term “bittersweet”. Bitter for the separation that will occur between myself and the wonderful people and experiences that have blessed me immensely and provided rich growth in my life. And, sweet for the restoration of time together for my husband and I to enjoy with a new community where we will make new friends and memories.

I am trusting in God’s providence and believe that He has new ways for us to serve and engage in His mission, as we “break camp and advance into the hill country” three hours south of Lubbock. Let me encourage you to be brave in facing new seasons and allow the pruning and growth of God’s hand to be fully present in your life.

Vicky Palmer

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