Stop Looking The Other Way by Gloria Toti 


Did you know that heritage is being formed with every decision you make?
Choose wisely because those decisions turn around and tell a beautiful or not so beautiful story.
How would you like to be known as the one who is involved in more evil than anyone else who has gone before you?
Not a thing I am chasing – nor are you, but in our society, there are men and women who are drunk on evil power.
The Bible tells it like it is and that’s why I love God.
He lets us live life while learning from others.
Today, a man by the name of Omri is in the hot seat.
He is mentioned in the Bible as loving EVIL.
Loving God would have been so much better for God’s people and for his future.
He was looking to make a name for himself rather than raise up the name of Yahweh.
Evil men have a way of finding each other and they get drunk on the power of leadership, which is a divine gift from God himself.
Why didn’t this man course correct? Because Omni chose to align himself with Jeroboam.
And Mr. J was not a good man.
He was desperate to prevent people from going to Jerusalem for the festivals so he performed the act which made his name synonymous with the word corruption:
He erected golden calves in the cities of Dan and
Beth El, in order to prevent Jews to worship there instead of in Jerusalem.Did Omri think he could wiggle his way out of accountability
before God and maybe he could say something like this.
Jeroboam made me do it.
Last I checked, God still calls those EXCUSES.

Ready to learn about another guy who was addicted to doing evil – this one is AHAB, who happened to be Omri’s son.
Evil heritage was clearly in motion and each moment of this history is being recorded by God himself.

Not good.  No esta bueno – nada nada.
The bible actually says in I King 16 that he was the worst of the worst, and it went on for 22 years.
Friends, can you see the theme of today’s post?
“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1.  Next week, let’s continue our conversation about these bad guys and how to recognize them in our day.

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