Has your family been affected by the sin of homosexuality?

If so, please don’t give up hope.

Instead, pick up a book entitled “Gay Girl, Good God” and you will see how God can still make the devil release what belongs to HIM…no matter how far a person may have strayed.

Jackie Hill Perry was the gay girl who met a very good God. Today, she is a young, African American girl who has a lot to say about the two words that begin with the seventh letter of the alphabet.  You see, her family was affected by the sin of homosexuality.

Some might say that the words “gay and God” shouldn’t share the space in a sentence, and I disagree.

I challenge you to buy the book, read it.  You will wipe away tears when you see how Jackie came face to face with the God who had the power to release her from the bonds of hell that threatened her existence as God had planned for HER.  I pray this generation comes to recognize how we don’t get to choose the part of our story when it comes our sexual preferences.  God knows best when He chose our sexuality at birth, and it’s up to us to discover how it comes with a specific assignment to show forth His glory.

No one cannot ignore the fact that there are many voices spewing out new rules on sexuality and YOUR kids, and my future grandchildren, are the target audience of such debased evil.  The DECEPTION is surreal, and it hurts.

I love how our Bible doesn’t shy away from bad stories turning good…the stories of how questionable girls became heralder’s of truth in a broken world is tucked away in the pages.

Surely, you’ve heard of Rahab, Gomer, and the Samaritan woman.

Women who desperately needed a comma in their stories…and God didn’t disappoint.

Rahah, the harlot.

Gomer, the prostitute.

The Samaritan woman, who had five husbands, and was living with the sixth one.

When God chose for us to be on this earth, He didn’t give us anyone else’s purpose—He gave us our own.

  • We all need a comma in our stories.
  • We all have a beautiful way of stewarding eternity, in our own unique way, OUR UNIQUENESS CANNOT BE MISSING IN ACTION.

Even when life tries to dictate a story that God didn’t intend for us to live, He is faithful to reroute our purpose so His glory can be seen in and through our lives.

When you are reading this, I will be on my way to a conference to hear Jackie Hill Perry.  You see, she is releasing her new book entitled:

“Holier Than Thou”

How God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him

We will hear Jackie speak at this conference about God’s holiness and His glory, but more importantly, we will see her live out what she believes.

The world is waiting for your special type of “youness” – what are you waiting for? God still has the power to release us to BECOME – I believe the Spirit says – it is time!

Pray the following scripture over your loved ones beginning today and continue to put them before God knowing He is not done working:

When people see themselves the way God sees them, as his wonderful works and particular reflections of his image, then they see what is inside of them and perceive the universe in a different way

Psalm 139:14

We are contending for the faith of this generation!

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  1. Jenny Moore

    Amen, this is powerful!! Love the book Gay girl Good God, need to get Holier than Thou and read it too.

  2. Diane Qubty

    We all need help with this subject! Thank you!

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