The Desires Of Your Heart by Nita Kuehn

I am writing this today with tears of gratitude and amazement running down my face.

We have just received word that, yet, another desire of our heart is coming into fruition.

Eight years ago I stepped into an office place that took my breath away.  Yes it was beautiful; but, the reason I was blown away was because it held within its doors absolutely everything I had placed before the Lord in my request for office space for Walking in Freedom – our 501c3 ministry.

I called the very next day to see if there might possibly be a rental space available in that facility.  Long story short, one week later we moved into one of their offices.  What an answer to prayer!  But deep within my heart was an unspoken desire to someday own that property.  I had no idea how we could ever afford it; but, I serve a big God and if that desire was birthed in me by Him, He would find a way to fulfill it. 

For the past eight years we have been blessed to fulfill God’s call on our lives in that facility.  There have been delights and disappointments along the way but we have never taken our eyes off our God-given appointment.  We were faithful to our call and we tried to be tenants who added value to the office place.

Fast forward to the present:   Situations changed and the current owners of the property (another 501c3 ministry) approached me to see if our board would consider accepting the property as a donation under the condition we would continue operating it as  a house of multiple ministries.  Absolutely our intent!  Desire fulfilled!

How did that happen?

Psalm 37:4 tells us, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  I have always believed that scripture has a two-fold meaning.  I believe that when we surrender our heart to God, He places within our heart HIS desires for us; and, as we follow His guidance, He fulfills those desires.

Now, truthfully, it is easy for impatience to set in.  We either try to make things happen on our own or for us to abort the mission before ever seeing the fulfillment.  However, John and I have been on this journey of faith long enough to grow our trust and see God fulfill desires multiple times.  

We have learned to be patient and that His timing is always perfect. 

We have learned that allowing Him to open the doors and make the way is much more effective and much less painful.  

We have learned that His understanding and His ways are higher than ours and that it is wise to listen.  

We have learned that He gives exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could ask or imagine when we allow Him to make the way.

We bow before you today, Lord, with hearts filled with gratitude and thanksgiving!  You have been, are, and will be an awesome God in the good times and the bad.  Thank you, Lord!

Nita Kuehn

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  1. Gloria Toti

    Nita and John Kuehn, we celebrate with you what the Lord has done. Your faithfulness to the ministry God called you to is over the top fruitful. Thank you for all you do to help God’s people. I love watching you guys move with precision as a mighty, unbeatable team. You inspire anyone who dares to watch you. Congratulations!!!! We love you.

  2. jennifer sedia

    Beautiful!! Wow amazing

  3. Deborah Walkup

    So happy for you, Nita, and grateful for the beautiful reminder that God is the author and finisher of our faith, our way-maker, the one we can trust to open and close the right doors for us, at the right times!


  4. Nita Kuehn

    Amen! We are so grateful for all He has done

  5. Nita Kuehn

    Thank you for such kind words. God continues to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could even imagine. It is fun to be in the boat with Him as our navigator.

  6. Tina Gonzalez

    Absolutely Love This! It’s so wonderful to hear and see God’s promises come to fruition and what it looks like when we are obedient and wait for His perfect timing. Thank you Nita for these words of wisdom and we thank you and John for the most amazing testimonies. 🤗💞

  7. Nita Kuehn

    Thank you, Tina!

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