Do You Like Uninvited Guests Just Showing Up by Gloria Toti

Reliving bad yesterdays don’t allow us to live fully present in our todays.  Why are we tolerating this burdensome nonsense to come along as an uninvited guest into our days?

We all want to win the day, right? But I think too many of us don’t know how to win the day. Mark Batterson made an incredible statement, and I want to share it with you today. Remember we’re going through Win The Day by Mark Batterson, Stress Less and Accomplish More. He said, “we do not know how to bury dead yesterdays.”

And ironically, this week, we’re going through Biblical Life Coaching. Today, in particular, we’re going through Process Coaching with Carl. He was talking about the saboteur, the gremlin, the voice of the accuser, and the inner critic. It was alarming, and I want to share it with you all because we don’t recognize the enemy, and we’re allowing the enemy to chip away at us.

Then before we know it, we lose ourselves. Last week, I gave you all homework to check in with yourselves. Are you being truly present in life? How did it turn out? Did you focus on your inputs rather than your outputs? I sure hope so. We actually talked about Passion Coaching yesterday and how it’s the fuel that allows us to get out of the pit – it allows us to get back into dreaming.

In the lane of going from here to there – getting unstuck. And so how do we win the day? We have to focus on what it is we want. What is it you want today? Are you winning the day so far? Or do you feel that you’re losing grip?…because it’s just becoming another repeat day of yesterday. Hey friends, let’s not let that happen.

Let’s do something about it. And how do we do that? We turn to the Lord – knowing that each day we have the opportunity to fulfill our destiny with our daily decisions and in turn emotional interest is being accumulated every single day. Is it negative? Is it positive? How is your mood today? How about let’s check ourselves and let’s do a checkup from the neck up.

How’s your attitude? Is your attitude winning today or are you losing? So today, I want to leave you with a scripture. It comes from Romans 15:5, and it says, “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement, give you the same attitude of mind towards each other that Christ had. So friends at this point, why don’t you just voice a prayer to God and say,

“God, I want you to help me win my day.” I want to have more wins than losses at the end of the seven days that I am going to embark upon. And I want you to help me because I want to dream again, or I want to continue dreaming with the dreams I already see in motion.

Friends, tag your it, go do something today that you didn’t do yesterday and let it be the vehicle that sets in motion your tomorrow.

See you next week. As we continue through Mark Batterson’s book.

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  1. Mary Ann Martin

    I picked up a copy of Win the Day and am getting ready to read it after your first post. Thank you for sharing this encouragement to stay focused!

  2. Penny Gillentine

    Thank you Ms Gloria for sharing snippets on how to take charge an win our days!! Also thank you for sharing the book & author to get an help us work towards that goal

  3. Gloria Toti

    Hi Mary Ann, today is the day I am using to read through the material – it is very good. Tell me your you wins if you have time!

  4. Gloria Toti

    Penny, thank you for sharing your anticipation of winning a few more days with God’s help. Losing is not God’s plans for our lives. Keep me posted on how you are winning!

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