The Greatest Gift by Gloria Toti

Life doesn’t slow down because it’s Christmas, does it? No

Christmas Eve 2021 is here!  Didn’t it just leave…well, now it’s back. With it comes with an amazing invitation to write another story—what will you write about your life or the life of your family – I know for some it will be filled with wonder and beauty and for others it will be one riddled with pain and much brokenness?

There is something about the holidays that brings out a lot of emotion.  There are so many families hurting this year.  I have been in ministry 32 years, and it seems that everywhere we turn we are receiving another report of devastation or tragedy.  The pain seems palpable for so many people.  I find myself praying for people I don’t even know because their journey is overwhelming in the natural.

One thing I know, I am grateful for the day we call CHRISTMAS.  Without this day, we would buckle under the weight of hopeless days.

Can you imagine what life would be like without the hope of better tomorrow?

The entire season is about a savior named Jesus who takes broken things and makes them whole?

Friends, can I challenge you with a gentle reminder of how Jesus is the greatest gift given.  It’s his birthday.  Let’s celebrate his life knowing that our lives are tucked away in his heart.

Whether you a camping out in life’s lane filled with beauty and wonder or pain, He had a plan to know you.  He had a plan to help you.  He had a plan to give you hope when things were crazy awful.  He had a plan to turn your life or circumstances around.

Things might look different than what you expected, but your story is still being written.

Even if things look different doesn’t mean God is done with you.  God is still God.  You are still called, blessed, chosen, and loved.

Please don’t ever forget that.  May Christmas 2021 be a year where a deeper foundation of love entered your heart because you chose to let go and let God take you deeper into His heart.

You are LOVED are not just mere words.  Your savior proved those words because He knew you and I would need them.  There are so many things to be thankful for —my prayer for you this day it that you don’t miss them.  Remember, God sees you.  You are not alone!

Merry Christmas to all of you my beautiful and dear friends.





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  1. Priscilla Martinez

    Thank you for this message your a inspiration to me.
    Merry Christmas to all and your family.
    We remember Jesus Birth.
    God Bless you and your Family.

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