Roe v. Wade Has Fallen – Now What? by Gloria Toti

Sometimes the good done by one person will completely cancel the evil done by another.

This past week, good won over evil when Roe v. Wade was extracted out the womb of the highest court of the law… in Godly-Reformation-Style. 

I love it.  The decision to end Roe v. Wade will save millions of lives, but we are not done since abortion has not been made illegal in all 50 states of our country.

We have to continue believing that we can make abortion unthinkable in our nation once again – one state at a time…and I believe we are already halfway there.

I believe reform came to our land because there is a God in heaven who hears the cries of repentance and holy conviction.

This pattern of leaders coming to their senses is nothing new friends.  It’s all over the Old Testament.  The leaders led God’s people toward or away from Him; humans are not to become wasteful collateral, yet this is the end result each time we walk away from God’s ways.

Let’s not get haughty and forget that we wounded the serpent.  His kingdom is planning a counterattack like usual.  We must continue to cling to justice through prayer and humility.

It is very unwise to think that the good of one will always reverse the evil of another.  Only Jesus can do that.

Although we are thankful that Roe v Wade is no longer the shield for this type of evil, it has caused many to be enraged with harmful vengeance.

We are in a spiritual war and the question we must all ask ourselves is this:

What does this mean for me?

Let’s make this clear:  The Supreme Court did not make abortion illegal in our nation.  They simply gave the power back to the states.

Our elected officials will now govern with a new set of rules.

Reform will only come from the will of the people we put into office.  Our votes are more important than ever. Friends, let’s choose to roll up our sleeves for round two of this battle….we have to continue praying and sharing truth to those around us who are puppets for the enemy.  There are so many lies going around – one can get dizzy trying to keep up with them.  The rhetoric is deep folks.  Don’t fall for all that nonsensical fear mongering.

Let’s be puppets for God with love that sets hearts free.

I wonder if the people of God asked Josiah what they were to do with those who didn’t want reform to come to their city. 

Obviously, the king of our day has been appeasing those who want to defy the order of Yahweh.

Evil must be stood against.  It will not quietly go away.

Killing innocent children in the womb is not a good thing – it never was, and it will never be.  Creation cannot try to usurp God’s role from Him. 

If it wasn’t clear to most casual Christians, I think it might be now of how we are at war.  Riots in the streets over the fact that one cannot kill an innocent child in the womb leads to this.  What in the world…

The law didn’t change the hearts of men.  It only aggravated those in culture who are clearly confused and believe destruction is a good way to get their point across.  It’s madness and most people on both sides of the isle are recognizing the extra slant in the out of control ideology of some.

They are acting like the sons of the devil himself throwing a fit because they were caught off guard by the power of our God.   The enemy loves to sow the seed of confusion in order to create chaos in society.  He’s been doing it for a long time.

We begin to have conversations with those who believe this was a bad thing.  They matter to God as much as those in the womb…

Let’s capture the hearts of many because we can.

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