They Say Safe – I Say Traumatic by Gloria Toti

I bet if we asked them if they were scared, they would say yes.

I wonder what we would hear if we asked them if it was traumatizing?


Friends, I feel I should give you a friendly warning that today’s topic is a hot one.  As we watched this past week, the issue of life and a woman’s choice dominated the conversations of a nation.

Yes, it is true.  Abortion has taken the stage in our society like never before.  Although many do not see anything wrong with taking the life of a child – I do.

My topic today is chemical abortion.  Since it’s the sad, but new frontier of abortions worldwide, I feel it is important to discuss this polarizing topic as friends.  Let’s seek to understand each other’s position, and why we value it. It is not my desire to condemn anyone, that is not my job or intent.

The information I learned from Dr. Christina Francis is what I will share today knowing that information is a powerful tool. I also have Audra Cantrell- She is a Physician Assistant and the director of Heartline.

Many do not know that chemical or a medication abortion allows a mom to abort her child up to 10 weeks of gestation.  The first pill ingested allows the baby to be starved due to blocking the action of much-needed progesterone which is crucial in the developmental stage and causes it to die.

Then the second pill is taken 24-48 hours later, and this causes the uterus to contract painfully and expel the dead baby.  This is done in a woman’s home without medical supervision.  These medications are often taken only after a positive pregnancy test, when in fact an Ultrasound is needed to confirm the baby is located within a women’s uterus. When an ultrasound is not completed first, the health risks for the mother drastically rise.

Chemical abortions are rampant and on the rise.  Currently in the US, approximately 40% of abortions are done via these medications as opposed to surgery.

Women deserve excellent healthcare and medication and chemical abortions are not that.

Women deserve to know the facts.  Women are told by the abortion industry that chemical abortions are an easy solution to their problems.

They can take a medication and finish everything else at home.

These are lies.  Women deserve better.

The medications given are toxic to preborn babies.  In fact, chemical abortions have four times the rate of complications than do surgical abortions, including hemorrhage, infection, incomplete abortion, and even death.

The further along a woman is in her pregnancy, the greater the risk is of these complications.  Even if they do not suffer these, she will suffer intense pain and very heavy bleeding in her home without any medical supervision.

Far from being an easy solution, chemical abortions not only end the life of a defenseless preborn child, but they cause significant harm to women as well. Thousands of physicians agree with this.

Women are left doing the job of the abortionist at home and on their own without appropriate medical supervision and don’t follow-up with repeat medical care.

These dangerous drugs are being put in the hands of women and young girls as young as 10 years old.

4.5 million children have been killed by these drugs.

Each person is worthy of dignity and respect from the womb to the end of life.

Let’s be part of the solution in building a culture of life.  And let’s begin to get out of our four walls to engage the next generation – how will they know lest we tell them the truth.




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  1. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Amen! The truth must be known. After watching the film “Unplanned” I saw the dramatization of a chemical abortion first hand. It looked frightening. Blood everywhere and poor Abby on the floor in pain. Thank you Ms. Gloria and Audra for telling the truth. God bless you both!

  2. Terisa Clark

    Thank you for the truth and compassion.

  3. Gloria Toti

    I love your heart for the daughters of this generation. Thank you for not shying away from this topic with your girls…LOVE IT

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