We Are Made For Connection

I’m about to make three statements, and I wonder if these words have passed your lips? I wonder if you will say a proud yes or a perplexed no ma’am.

Before I read them, I want you to remember this is a judgment-free zone, and remember there is a great reason why I am asking. I’m being intentional.

Here is the first one:

“I don’t like to get involved in church related events if the target audience is only going to be

“Women are so hard to get along with, I prefer to have male friends”

“Girls are so emotional I just can’t handle it”

What actions have you taken lately to fight against that mindset?

I love how our teeth can offer us what I call “grace-space.” They allow us to stop and think before
we just naturally blurt things out. If you have said things like these, have you ever wondered
why your response is bent that way?

When I hear words like these escape from someone’s mouth, I often wonder what happened to

I immediately think – Who hurt them? Who disappointed them?

You see, I believe God made us to connect with each other beyond the superficial, even though
it’s hard. For some, the hurt began in middle school by being rejected by the Barbie crowd, and
it still shows up.

I personally haven’t spoken words like that, but if you paid attention to me when I was a young
Christian you would have seen me taking the back seat at women’s events. Perhaps I didn’t
trust women would let me in their circle. I don’t know. Being close to the door made me feel in

I do agree, it is intimidating to join a group or attend an event on our own, but it makes me
think how much we miss out on because we are unsure if we will fit in – or if someone will
notice that we are alone.

Most of you know what I do. I’m the women’s ministry pastor. Today, I can proudly say I love
hanging out with women and letting them see the real me. I’m no longer looking for the exit.
Now I look at those who sit by the exits. I want to make sure to say a sweet hello.

Now, here comes the invite: We have intentionally created an event called The Gathering –
once a quarter we will gather to share a meal and meet one another and honor our God-given
opportunities to meet new friends. We want you to join us on Wednesday, October 6th at 7 pm.
Come join the fun – our team longs to meet you. If you plan on coming, please register at
prize31.com/connect so we can order enough meals for everyone. And, don’t forget to invite
someone to join you.

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