Our Adult Tantrums by Gloria Toti 


Last week we talked about how each of us has the DNA to be dream chasers, but whose dreams are we chasing?  God’s or our own…
Today, there are a lot of dream chasers on social media.  It seems to have given everyone who wants a platform and a microphone the ability to influence.  And many are chasing the dream to become an influencer, but a lot of the products they are showcasing is a trap to indulgence in the things of this world.

That buffet has the power to delay or derail our God-given dreams if we are not careful.
We can’t strive to make our life stories appear like a Pinterest board of desires and ask God to live in the realm of our shadow.  Our culture today reminds me of those who tried to build the tower of Babel in the O/T.  They wanted to get close to God without His help. They wanted to be successful and hold power, but not God’s way.  They decided to build a tower to the sky to be in control.  God stopped them from participating in that lie.

Plans like those create greater bondage and more disappointment, and God tries to help us steer clear from that collision.  He longs for us to see how we all are hardwired with the ability to dream because dreams allow us to partner with Him.  He sees us when we are striving to fit our round self in a square peg.
I call that the going forward to only go backwards.
Like all good parents, we long to give to our children more than we want to receive.
It’s so meaningful to sacrificially give something to your kids that cost you something…or don’t provide it for them because it has the power to create a spoiled brat.
God is no different.
Sometimes those situations might not just be circumstantial setbacks, but intentional to show us what works and what doesn’t.
He alone knows how our dreams can turn into a nightmare when we try to lead the charge without His help.
And He also knows how soon enough we will be found throwing a spiritual tantrum and saying words like this:
Things are worse than before, and I’m not sure why God.  Where are you.
Why are you not blessing me or my dreams?  What is going on?
If God had designed us to hear His audible voice on a daily basis, I believe we would hear – I’m right here.
And He may also be saying to most of us, will you hand over that low level dream so I can move you closer to the bigger dream I have for you.
And He might lovingly remind us that we have been chasing the fluff of this world, and we can be chasing HIM.
Next week, you will hear from Victoria share how she is allowing God to stretch her to chase some more of her God-given dreams.

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