Are Your Goals Just Good Ideas by Gloria Toti

Are you a morning person who loves setting goals?  Or are you a night-owl who thinks goals are overrated?

I once heard that goals are just good ideas if they are not accompanied by action plans.  Something tells me that a morning person probably wrote that line and probably enjoyed every minute to it.

Well, 2020 is officially behind us and the decisions you and I are making right now are going to be included in the new chapter of our life-stories whether we want them to be or not.

And, if you are raising an eyebrow while telling me you are not writing a story.  I would say —yes you are.

And, for those of us who don’t like our stories so far, let’s do something about those unresolved desires.  Let’s stop hanging out with those imaginary friends who love telling you things like: WHAT’S THE USE!

How is it we all love reading books or watching movies where the plot thickens. All of a sudden we get reenergized to the point we find ourselves cheering on actors, or crying…even when we know it’s just a movie.  So why can’t we get reenergized with our own lives instead of justifying why we can’t grow or change.  exclusive

Perhaps we haven’t had a big enough WHY.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said – “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.

There are two things in that quote:

  • A person who finds a purpose in life can overcome any obstacle in their path.
  • If you know why your life is important, and you know that your goal is a positive one, you can suffer through almost any defeat without giving up or quitting.

Sheer willpower, and determination will only take us so far.

II Chronicles 15:7 “Reminds us that our work will be rewarded if we choose to be strong and not give up.”

He has divine work for us to accomplish and we must be at the top of our game.

Remember a story is being written that will be told by you, or by others.  Step into the role of telling your own faith story of how you didn’t give up on yourself.

Then make commitment to yourself and to God, and then write it down.  As you do this – grace will come upon you, and your faith will be activated.

The new, hard thing that calls you forward today will forever be part of your story and so will these truths:

  • He loves you right where you are.
  • He loves you before you even take the next step forward.
  • He loves you if you take a step backward. n
  • He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.
  • He will use the enemy’s plan for your benefit if you will let him.

In next week’s video, we will talk about how our true identity will shape our thoughts and help move us toward our goals.

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  1. Sylvia Juarez

    Wow, thanks for putting into perspective that I am writing a story this year. God bless. Love your encouragement!

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