Don’t Miss Your Abundance By Vicky Palmer

Today, all forms of media and social sources bombard us with programming to look at what is lacking from our lives. Just pause for a moment and consider how many times each day you hear or see something that makes a comparison of what you currently have with what you could have in your life. We are surrounded by the promotion of the idea that we are lacking something. Is it something on this list: a better job, new car, clothes, homes, relationships, vacations/travel, external beauty, being part of some social cause, or attaining that certain social status? It’s so easy to look beyond what is in our lives and run with bated breath for anything that calls out, “you are lacking!” It’s a failure of heart. It’s an absence of gratitude. It’s a sin that people have struggled with from the beginning.

The Bible records the first sin in the third chapter of Genesis. It came into being because Satan, in the form of a serpent, was able to get Eve’s focus off the abundance provided so freely by God and put her attention on the only thing which was not available – lacking. The devil knew her actions would follow where her attention was placed. Eve’s looking away from the abundance caused her to see nothing but what was lacking.

Oh, how often do we get our attention off the abundance and onto the lacking! Where our attention goes, so will our intention. Something is always trying to distract us from the abundance right in front of us.

In our world today, it is hard to avoid the blaring siren to pursue what is “lacking.” But for this season of life, I want to be sure that what isn’t lacking is growth in my relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ! I want to silence the “programming of this world” and strengthen my faith and trust with the one who provides abundance for life today and eternally. I want to help those around me findabundance and lower the attention on what is “lacking.”

No other status than being a child of the Most High King really makes a difference. Let’s take the hand of our Holy Father and walk in peace, knowing there is abundance here in His gifts of love, joy, and freedom. This is truth that overrides any “lacking” the world puts on our path of life.

Daily pursuit of God’s truth will quiet the noise of “lacking” and help you see the abundance He has provided. Don’t miss your abundance!

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