We Should Pay Attention To The Instructions by Gloria Toti


What can the world do to the God who formed it? 

Nothing.  Yet they don’t stop trying.  

Evil seems to be reinvented it’s hard to keep us what is happening in our culture.  

Friends, it’s our children and grandchildren who are in the crosshairs of the enemy.  There is so much confusion out there.  They didn’t have a chance to see the world we saw.  Despite it being slanted, it wasn’t this bad.

Isaiah reminds us of God’s greatness and hence that is why we should continue to persuade all young minds to hold on to God.  

In Is 40:14, we see Isaiah asking what seems like a rhetorical question, 

“Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or who gave him counsel?  

Who did He consult?  Who gave Him understanding and taught Him the paths of justice?  

Who taught Him knowledge and showed Him the way of understanding?  

No one – He doesn’t need it.  He is the master mind of everything human!  

So, when He made us with a bent to search for our truest selves, He knows what He is talking about.  

We are designed by the designer to operate according to the instructions He left for us in His word.  

Those suggestions could have been rules.  Nope, instead He gave us free will.  

He knows what is best for us, so we don’t break or self-implode.  He has a plan for all of us, and when we know it, we will love it. The plan is tucked away in the Bible. 

God came near to take us so let’s stop acting like we have things under control.  

If He is not in the equation, we do not have things under control. 

God knows best.  

Today is as good as any other day to whisper a prayer to the One and Only God –

and don’t forget that the only thing you knew when you were born was nothing.  

Your world view was shaped by so many, but have you given God a chance to tell you some things about Himself and about you.  

See you next week as we talk about deception. 

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