Hello Freedom by Gloria Toti

I love how God values woman.

We were reminded this weekend how Mary Magdalene was set free from seven demonic forces that had entered her life – they had no choice but to be evicted when Jesus showed up.  I love saying that.  Can you imagine how comfortable they were in her?  They probably gloated over their power since there were seven of them.  

Can you imagine her anxiety and her torment?  AND THEN JESUS SHOWS UP TO REDEEM HER. 

What a God!  What a Savior! 

Think about what happened this weekend – we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  He is no longer dead, but alive.  

Is He alive in you?  Have you let Him into all areas of your life – are you believing for His power to fight for you where you are weak?  Or have you settled for dry crumbs or old bread crusts – if so, you can do something about it.

How many times did hope rise in Mary’s only to fall back in defeat?  Probably more than we could count.  We don’t know how those forces had set up residence within her, but there was obviously an open door somehow and Jesus wants us to pay attention. 

I want to ask you to ask God if there are any open doors in your life to the enemy of your soul.  God’s not shy, he will gladly show us if we really want to know.  

Today, we can believe Jesus and receive a miracle with our name on it – He has plenty more to bestow upon His other children.  Her story is mentioned to encourage us. 

What do you need from God?  Where do you hurt?  What pains your heart?  

This morning, I have been singing songs of thanksgiving.  I want to fight being comfortable in my faith.  I want vibrant faith.  What about you?  Are you tired of being bowed over in defeat? 

I love the story of Jairus – he sought out Jesus for his daughter’s life.  He knew there was one more opportunity for his daughter and he came in full abandon before Jesus.  

Tell me what you hear when I read Luke 8:41?

“And there came a man named Jairus, and he was an official of the synagogue; and he fell at Jesus’ feet, and began to implore Him to come to his house;” 

I hope you didn’t miss that Jairus took bold action.  He just didn’t pray.  He acted.  He moved.  He implored Jesus. 

Can you imagine the moment?  His daughter is dying, and He didn’t just sit by cursing death.  He moved toward Jesus.  

Last time I checked Luke 9:23 it still says the same thing.

“Jesus said unto him, ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.’ ”

Can you believe a little different today?  Of course, you can.  

Jesus is a God who does not lie.   

What’s dying around you – is it time to move a little closer to Jesus?  I think so…

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  1. Tina Gonzalez

    This is so Spot-on and inspirational….I felt an Immediate uplift in my Spirit! Thank you Mrs. Gloria!! ❤

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