Anxious Mama By Meagan Goyne

All my life I’ve struggled with anxiety. As I entered the season of motherhood I found my anxiety increase. Add in a toddler AND an infant and I was basically a nut case. But seriously, my anxiety was a ticking time bomb. I’d found myself having anxiety attacks while just thinking about driving. Why? I had no idea. I thought more about the wreck I could possibly get into than the actual destination I was driving to.

After a little over a year of anxiety at its all time high and the highest dose of meds I could be on, another mom friend of mine reached out to me. She was a health and fitness coach. May 2019 I started a health and fitness journey. In 2020, after a year of workouts, a balanced nutrition plan, and a group of other moms cheering each other on- in the midst of a pandemic, stuck at home, I became anxiety med free for the first time since I was in high school. Fast forward to 2022, I still have my struggles, I’m human. But adding a routine of movement and a healthy diet, my body and mind have truly improved. Adding community into my life was also a huge blessing. Finally accepting that I can’t do life alone and having other faith filled women to do life with whether it’s through Bible studies, conferences, or just having someone I can reach out to for prayer. I love my community and I don’t know what I’d do without them! Thankful the Lord gave me the nudge and I took that leap of faith.

“The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:17‬ ‭


Meagan G

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  1. Barbara Mann Fowlks

    Very encouraging!!

  2. Diane Salazar

    Amen! Much needed thank you for sharing

  3. Gloria Toti

    Thanks for sharing your heart with our readers! Our stories matter. WE are all in motion and have scars to prove it.

  4. Joyce Herron

    I so appreciate your sharing of groups. I lost my husband in 1991. As long as I was working, my mind stayed very busy, When I retired I did some volunteer work at a Family Counseling place. When I was totally alone, I found I needed others.
    I formed a Bible Study Group two different times. Now I have a Prayer Warriors Group. I think you are
    right suggesting having close groups meetings weekly . It certainly helps me. Bless you. Enjoy those children.

  5. Megan R.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I often find myself struggling with anxiety.

  6. Dani Jones

    I have suffer from the similar anxiety, mine spiked when I was in a toxic relationship. Once I finally had the strength to leave, my anxiety hit an all time high. I refused to take meds. I had been doing the health and wellness journey for about 8 years, but fell off during dental hygiene school and this relationship took all my time. Once I got back on and healed my gut and food relationship, I have been able to control my anxiety and heck even my depression without meds. What we put in our body is so important! Thank you for this encouragement!

  7. Gloria Toti

    Hello Dani, thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to invite you to our life group. You will find others who have stories like yours. We are all on our journey. You are not alone. Come join us on Wednesday at 7 pm at 6701 University – We meet in the Great Room. Come join our community of friends.

  8. Diane Qubty

    Thank you for sharing this journey Megan! Anxiety is debilitating! Bless you for hearing your Father’s words of healing!!

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