I’m Not Kidding by Gloria Toti

I have a passion to become a mom

to as many spiritual daughters as I can bring into my life.

I’m not kidding

I see what is taking place in our culture and this 56-year-old girl doesn’t like it one bit.  I’m tired of watching normal being kicked to the curb.  Each day, I read something in the news that makes me get my mad face on.  Are you all doing the same?  I want to go on the offensive!!!

One of the things that gets me going is how culture is telling girls and women what the standard should be with their bodies.  What they should look like.  What they should wear.  What they should be involving themselves in or with.


Tonight, I drove home from my Bible study where we closed out the Mo Isom study on sexual identity.  It was amazing to see what God had in store for each of us before we darkened the door of the building.


The biggest takeaway for me was how God not only wants to heal us,

He wants to make us whole.


Who allows us to talk about the things that we did in our youthful days?  I’m sure most of us have suppressed or moved on with our tucking exercises in hopes of not having to visit those painful stages of our life.


Well, the brave girls in our class came week after week,

and we all learned beautiful things…

and we walked away with Truth that allowed us to leave some things behind

at the foot of the cross. 

It was lovely.

Some of us were young and some of us were a bit older and there we were doing life together.  We encouraged each other with our very real stories of life despite our imperfections, failures, and sin.  The room seemed to be filled with a thick cloud of grace each week.  Even on the nights when confessions seemed to spill over, we could feel joy settling into the spaces where brokenness and disappointment used to reside.  Freedom was being birthed and it pinged around the room straight for our hearts.  It was divine to see God at work in His daughters where we didn’t care to tell on ourselves.  God was calling us up from this world that says we should always put our best foot forward, and we should never let others in too close.  That mindset went out the window.  We were fully present with what God had planned to do when we chose to show up.  It was EPIC.

If anyone out there wants to grow past the pain of being the same, come join us.  We will begin a new study on January 29th and we would love to have you join us.  The new year is laden with possibilities and opportunities.

Many of us have been in the healing lane and have been turned into leaders…and many have just entered the lane and need loving care….we are a beautiful bunch to behold.

Each semester I love the fact that my circle of friends will grow and that’s why



Email us at prize31women@trinitytoday.com to sign up – it’s free!






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