LOL! By Nita Kueh

It was in late April when it happened!  Yes, Nita, the often “unshakeable” woman of God got blindsided. Now, even in those threatening types of circumstances, she can often quote scriptures out loud and recover quickly.  But even that did not work this time.

You see, the incident impacted not only her ministry, but other ministries too – over which she was like a mother hen.  That “Don’t-mess-with-my-chicks” spirit rose up within her and was messing with her “peace that passes all understanding.”

She is a woman who drops off to sleep immediately when her head hits the pillow (and sometimes even before) but not that Friday night!  A million scenarios were running through her head as to how to protect her chicks.

She looked at the clock.  It was then past 1:00 am and still no sleep.  Frustrated, she decided to take some of her own advice she often gave others who had trouble sleeping.  She got out of her bed; grabbed her Bible; and went to another room to dwell in God’s Word.

Her daily habit is to begin reading the Proverb of the day so that is where she began.  Since it was then past midnight, it was April 23rd.  Just a few verses in, she discovered the only verse in the entire Bible that specifically addressed her issue.  It explained that , of course, God detested what was happening and assured her that He was her Mighty Protector and would stand up for her cause.

She absolutely laughed out loud – right then – in the middle of the night!  Amazing – the only verse in the entire Bible – and He revealed it before her very eyes!!!   (He has such a sense of humor!)  This was something He needed her to hear and He was not going to allow her to go to sleep until she received it.

Having been restored to her “unshakeable” state, she went back to bed and fell soundly to sleep.

During the weekend she got lots of practice taking her thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ. (2 Corinthians 2:5) But by Monday morning all was reconciled!  God honored and fulfilled His Word.

He always does, you know.  The resolution may not always come as quickly as we hope (perhaps it won’t even look like we expect) but, “…He is faithful to accomplish His Word.” (Jeremiah 1:12)

Honestly, I wasn’t looking for an answer that night – I just wanted to quiet my heart – but God accomplished both.

He wants to offer that to you too.  Just open His Word and invite Him to speak to your heart.  You will discover amazing things about Him that will strengthen, comfort, and encourage you.  Try it!  Perhaps you, too, may have and LOL experience!


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  1. Denise Dietz

    Smile maker! Knowing you as a steady rock, it blesses me to hear…even when the strong are shaken, the Lord is a strong tower!!!

  2. Diane Qubty

    Love it!!!

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