Volunteering by Sarah Kline

Warning . . . this blog post comes with an invitation. It’s not to a birthday party or a wedding
reception. It’s an invitation to experience some of the things I’m blessed to experience these
days. There’s no obligation to accept.
About seven years ago, Carl and I took our first steps into a building we knew very little about.
We didn’t realize at the time those first steps were also first steps into a spiritual journey God
delicately prepared for us. I’ll never forget those first steps, but this post is not about them. I
want to talk about another set of steps we’ve taken that’s made all the difference in our lives.
Shortly after taking the steps into Trinity, we took the steps to place membership through what is
now Growth Track. It was there that I first signed up to volunteer in Little Kidsplace. I initially
started out volunteering in the late service with the 4 and 5 year olds. My daughter would stay
for the 10:00 service, which was the one we attended back then, and come with me to the
11:15. Carl would take Cannon home. I switched to the 8:30 service after Koryn was born.
After Carl was recruited by Pastor Darrell Wickert to help out at Kids Camp three years ago, we
explored the adventures of Big Kidsplace for the first time. We knew church was something we
wanted to do as a family, but we didn’t realize how much volunteering together would change
everything for us. Something happens when I see Carl help a kid or run the AV equipment or
play a game of Gaga Ball. Kidsplace shapes so much of our weekly plans in a good way. Keely
and Cannon started volunteering with us because they saw us volunteering.+ We’ve seen kids
declare faith, get baptized, pick up Bibles, really pray, and worship our God. Just yesterday, our
4 and 5 year old class was lifting their hands in worship. God inhabits the praises of his people,
and man, He was there! It was amazing – and we get to experience it every Sunday and
I am not saying we only experience His presence on Sundays and Wednesdays. I know that’s
not the case. What I am saying is we get to experience the lives of kids being changed by the
Holy Spirit through their time in Kidsplace. Kidsplace is not just childcare. Kids see the Living
God at work. They learn Scripture, how to navigate through the Bible, lift their hands in praise.
They learn what it means to be a child of God! And being a part of that – I couldn’t ask for more.
So the invitation? Come see what these kids are learning. See them lift their hands during
worship. Ask one of our pastors how you can help grow disciples. If Kidsplace isn’t the right fit,
then find what is. Get involved and allow God to change your life the way He has changed mine
and my whole family’s. Don’t wait. If you do, the opportunity will pass from you to someone else.
Your best yes awaits you and maybe you were created for such a time as this.
Sarah Kline

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  1. Terisa

    Sarah – your decision became one that influenced me!!! Seeing how you served with your family inspired me and Katie to start leading the class next door! We’re honored to be your neighbor in loving the 4’s and 5’s at Trinity Kidsplace!!!

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