Happy Birthday, Gloria!

How can I be getting close to 60 years of age?  Where did my life go? 

I guess I would have to say that I have been busy living life in the fast lane of ministry – and I have loved most of those days.  

Some have been extremely fun and inviting. 

And some have been excruciating and hard.  

Yet, the plans for retirement aren’t in my view – but God’s kingdom is.  

I often think of where my life would be if God had not radically removed me from the carnal lane I had naively stumbled into.  The few short years of living my way was enough to make me know that I never want back in that chaotic seat of destruction.  

I now realize more than ever how God never intended for us to partner with the enemy to see our lives be destroyed.  His abundance is a part of the inheritance He offers His children.  

I’ve seen more days lived under the blessing of God than without and for that I am grateful.  Every hard day promised to leave me undone, but, friend, they haven’t so far.  God has been faithful to guide me.  

I think I can confidently say that because I chose God I would not be letting go of Him no matter what would come my way.  There was no looking back.  

Pillar of salt living was not for me (if you don’t know what I am talking about, go read the story of Lot in the Bible.)  When God calls us forth out of destruction, we shouldn’t look back as if to say:  I will miss my old life.    

The toxic world has nothing for us. God has everything we need.  Once we figure that out, we will truly start living.  

That storyline moment happened for me at the age of 24.  Now I’m almost 60, and I understand what Henri Nouwen means when he says:  “Spiritual maturity is not knowing what to do with your whole life, but just knowing what to do next.”

When I gave God control of my wrecked-up life, I knew I was about to set out on a pilgrimage.  I wasn’t afraid to tell my feet to just keep walking to the next right step God would lead me to.  

How many have tried to push a parked car versus pushing down on the pedal that makes the car move?  It’s night and day, right?   The same happens in life – once we freeze, it’s harder to start.  So keep moving my friends.  

It is easier for God to turn you or me when we are moving.  

Let’s grow old together doing the things God has called us to.  Let’s prioritize His kingdom.  Let’s love Him back.  Let’s believe Him.  

If you do – you will be positioned to see miracles.  

It is easy for me to say this with complete confidence because I have experienced God’s faithfulness for nearly 30 years. I distinctly remember having struggles in the season of new beginnings…and the struggles have not gone away completely.  Instead, I developed strength to overcome with God’s help – I wanted Him with everything in me.  We are tucked in this divine storyline in beautiful ways if we choose to say yes to our God.

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  1. Penny Gillentine

    Happy birthday Ms Gloria!! For those stuck in park……it’s true that you can’t live the life God has for you unless you are willing to let Jesus take the wheel & guide you down the right street!!! Thank you Gloria for sharing this important message with us

  2. Priscilla Martinez

    Hi Gloria
    Happy Birthday God bless you on your day.
    Yes, we’re have the years gone,
    But we serve a mighty God all these years.
    Glad to have know such a Godly woman. Have a bless day.

  3. Laura

    Happy Birthday early Gloria! It’s awesome when God changes our journey from the treacherous path we were on and then we can in turn help others find their way to a life filled with God’s love, healing and redemption!
    😍Have the best of birthdays!💕🎉

  4. Michelle Lewark

    You are such an amazing inspiration for myself, my daughter, and many many more like us. Your transparency, love, passion and compassion exude in all you do. I am so thankful that God allowed me and my daughter to be a part of your story. He definitely knew the lives that would change because you said yes to him.
    I pray you have the most wonderful birthday yet!!! Love you Pastor Gloria! 🎈🎈🎈🎈
    Michelle Lewark &
    Brittanie Garcia

  5. Maria Akridge

    Happy Happy Birthday gorgeous ♥♥♥

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