Money Didn’t Buy This, Love Did by Gloria Toti

It’s hard to believe that Carl and I just had an anniversary.  We’ve been married for 33 years, that’s a long time friends.  No wonder our boys are getting closer to the 3-digit range.  How can that be? 

If I were to use three words to sum up the Toti journey, I would say – busy, rewarding, and fun. 

Serving God is not supposed to be boring…our lives didn’t stay in one place long enough to be considered boring.  We put down deep roots in God’s world.  It was a God-sized adventure that money couldn’t afford.  

It’s quite surreal to watch white eyebrows take root where black ones once lived.  Coloring takes on new dimensions…I wish I had done better in art class.  

As my mind races down memory lane, I’m left wondering how come the days had to go by so fast.

The need for school supplies is gone in this season.  

No more sitting and watching those boys play sports and wondering when I would find the time to fold the laundry.  No more kid meals at McDonald’s.  No more cute TCS red sweaters or skinned knees.  Now the game of life is different, but the love remains the same.  

It’s amazing how God gave mom’s such an important job, when the enemy tells you it’s just another mundane day don’t you dare believe him.  Each day you have with those littles or not so littles is a divine gift. 

It’s surreal to watch a strand of grey hair appear on an older child where dark hair used to reside.

I am thankful I have lived enough life to see all these beautiful changes take place.  It’s part of God’s beautiful plan.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Toti- household.  I’m dreaming of what the grandma lane looks like. 

Growing older here on earth takes us to the next journey in life – and then ultimately ETERNITY to be with Jesus in person.  How can we lose with that kind of future.  

We don’t lose – goodbye brown pigment you’ve been great, but I know what comes next.   I’m off to greater things in this beautiful season of older living.  

Let me add a disclaimer:  I am not giving up my hair dye any time soon…but my heart is ready to embrace all this season brings.  

Love in practice is always harder to accomplish than love in dreams.  I’m ready to do the next hard thing.  

You see, I am determined to watch God’s reflection show up in my life whether the days seem long or short, whether I’m wiping runny noses or chatting with an adult child. 

Friends, let’s trust God is working all things out for His glory in our lives, and let’s not forget to ask for patience. 

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